Sunday, March 6, 2011

Embracing Seasonal Treats

Yet again a weekend goes by way too quick. I did spend most of the weekend relaxing, reading, getting some work done and eating delicious food. So I can't complain. I'm just not ready for another crazy week yet. Last night Eric and I visited our favorite Japanese restaurant at the Cape (well, favorite anywhere actually). When we walked in the waitress said she recognized us from an issue of Well Wed magazine(a Cape Cod wedding magazine), we hadn't even seen it yet! We spent the rest of the night searching for the issue at bookstores and CVS, but couldn't find it. We'll have to order online. It's mainly about our florist but it has some cool pictures of us so it will be fun to have.

I got my favorite Japanese dinner, Miso Soyaki Eggplant and I found out they changed it up a bit so now it looks like sushi. Cool, huh?


So delicious. I wish I had any idea how to make this at home. I need an Asian cooking lesson.

Anyway, enough about healthy foods. Let's talk not-so-healthy treats. When it comes to cravings for unhealthy foods, I find that people are part of one of 2 groups(unless maybe there is anyone who doesn't get cravings?)...

#1- Those who cannot have even a taste of the treat they want, because if they do they will inevitably have the whole box/container.

#2- Those who cannot resist having a little bite and if they try to, they will end up bingeing on that treat or another at a later time.

I belong to camp 2. I am quite capable of resisting an entire carton of ice cream, but when I try to give up ice cream for a few weeks, nothing good comes from it.

For the past 3 years I've had this annoying pattern in my health/body. In the summer, I can eat normally and never gain a pound. Sure, I eat healthy but I also enjoy summer drinks, popsicles, ice cream, and whatever else summer may bring. But in December-March/April, it doesn't matter how healthy I try to eat, I will gain weight. Not 20 pounds, but what I consider to be a noticeable amount. Up until this year I tried new things every time; writing down what I ate, weight training, trying to give up foods that I really like, etc.

This year I decided I'm not playing that game. Instead I am playing this game...


Doesn't that look like a much yummier game?

What I mean is, I'm not going to attempt to give up ice cream for the month of March, or refuse to buy Cadbury Mini Eggs. I'm just going to accept that I can eat a small bowl of ice cream at night and a few Cadbury eggs as a lunch dessert and it's not going to kill me. No matter how much I resist, I will ultimately end up eating them (or eating boxes of Chex cereal as I enjoyed doing last year after previously mentioned weight training classes, ah!) so I might as well embrace it.

The weight will come off in June when Cadbury Eggs, Peppermint Gharadelli and Girl Scout Cookies say goodbye for the season and fresh fruits and veggies are abundant :)

If it doesn't, I'll worry about it then. As Ted on "How I Met Your Mother" would say, "That's a problem for future Kelly."

Which camp are you in? What are your seasonal food weaknesses?

How was your weekend?


  1. Yum - that dish looks aweome. Based on that photo, I can see why it's your fave!!

    I am in the same camp as you are. I believe in all things in moderation. Swearing off things completely just doesn't work for me.

    My weekend was nice and low key, which is just what I needed! I spent a lot of time studying, though, which I didn't love but it's a necessary evil. and then i made that lasagna Amber raves around, which was AWESOME. :)

  2. i think i'm in the same camp as you. that's why i always have a dessert to have post lunch/dinner.

    my weekend was all about the sleeeeeeeeeeeeep. mostly because i was feeling sick but partly because i needed to veg (it had been awhile since i did that.

  3. I was just telling my friend that every February I gain weight that I have kept off from the summer until then. I have a few extra pounds now that just won't go away. I blame Valentine's Day and I think I should start boycotting...

  4. I used to be the kind of person who couldn't have just one bite of something delicious (especially sweets/treats) or I would go completely overboard on it! But I'm getting MUCH better at portion control. Just the other day I bought these 2 little chocolate lava cakes at M&M Meat Shop for me and Eric for dessert and then AFTER buying them I noticed just ONE was 498 calories and even though I don't calorie count I know that's A LOT for one little dessert. SO I just ate half and saved the other half for the next night. In the past I probably would have ate it all at once! It's definitely been a work-in process though but I totally believe EVERYTHING in moderation especially when it comes to desserts and treats!

  5. Such a good plan Kelly!! I love it. I fall in the second category too. I can have a bite, and not then want to eat the rest of the bag, or the bar. I guess that makes us lucky...right? But I swear everyone CAN be in that second category, as long as you can beat your brain. People who say they NEED to have more, are just letting their brain beat them, because it's really all in their head! No one NEEDS to eat the whole bar of chocolate or the whole bag of chips, most cravings actually go away after one or two bites. It's says it!

  6. I'm definitely in camp #1. I have no self control!

    I'm going to Boston at the end of the month - any good restaurant recommendations? I love Italian!