Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hump Day Inspiration

Before I get to my inspiration of the day, I would like to mention some exciting news about Amber. You probably already know that I love Amber because I mention her a lot on the blog. She is somewhat famous among my friends and family that read the blog- mainly my mom :) Therefore I figure it's only right that I announce that Amber got engaged AND bought a house in the last week. Wahooo! Now it's time for me to offer some great advice to her on wedding planning (avoid it at all costs) and house renovating (make Eric do it). Also, you should know that her fiance's name is Eric, I'm not actually suggesting my Eric fly to Canada to help Amber with her house. Though now that I think of it, maybe the Erics can work together while Amber and I relax at yoga class and drink some wine. Just sayin'

So I think you guys know how much I love my kiddos. In fact, Eric's brother Josh thinks it's hilarious that both Eric and I refer to our students as "my kids." The kids I often work the hardest for, and then often love the most (assuming of course that I don't have "favorites") are students with diagnosed special needs (or undiagnosed as the case often is in kindergarten). In my classroom, the diagnosis I see the most is autism. In tutoring, the diagnosis I see the most is dyslexia. So... that's the background for my inspiration this week. Now for the inspiration...

First inspiration = my brother Jake. Obviously we know he is very awesome. However, he is also inspiration for my little elementary school dyslexic children who have to see my wonderful face a few times a week after they have already faced a long day at school (or when they are about to face it as is the case of my current kiddo who must deal with me at 7 am). Why? Well because Jake has dyslexia, but who would know it? Not only did he graduate what must be one of the hardest public high schools in the country, he is now on the Deans List in college AND last week his English teacher asked him if there is any chance that he would consider majoring in English. ENGLISH?! I don't think in their wildest dreams my struggling readers (or their parents) are dreaming of majors in English. Neither is Jake of course, because he is also smart enough to know he is not going to be buying me any Ferrari's with an English major (no offense English majors, clearly I am not buying myself any Ferrari's either with my education major either which is why it is important to suck up to my business major siblings). Jake = awesome inspiration.

Second inspiration= my favorite American Idol contestant this year, James. James has both Asperger's and Tourette's and he is in the Top 12 on Idol. Again this is a case of him embracing what was probably his biggest challenge as a child: social skills. I find him actually pretty hilarious on Idol, but it might be the fact that I am secretly picturing one of my students as him in 15 years...

Just a few things to think about tomorrow morning when it's pitch black when you wake up, feels like STILL an hour earlier and you kind of hate life... oh maybe that's just me this week. Do you have any good inspiration stories for me?


  1. I do not like that it is pitch black out when I get up and drive to work. It blows. I can't wait for the sun to rise a bit earlier! But i do like the extra sunlight hour in the evening! It just feels better to walk outside and still see the sun!

    My dad & brother also both had dyslexia and are very successful. It's amazing what people are able to overcome, isn't it? Yea for your brother Jake!

    I don't have any inspirational stories for you, unfortunately!

  2. Haha! As a semi-employed English major I am offended :)

  3. Oh, and I am super excited about Amber's engagement & the fact that they took possession of the house yesterday! So exciting! And I am totally going to her wedding (well, I am 99% sure, assuming I am invited. Ha)

  4. Aww this post put a big smile on my face and brought tears to my eyes. I wish I had a wonderful kindergarten teacher like you when I was a little kid! I wasn't diagnosed with dyslexia until grade 2 and definitely struggled a lot in school prior to my diagnose (well I still struggled after but got the help I needed). And now I have an English degree and am a teacher as well! Working my butt off for my students who like me needed that extra help :) Your students are so lucky to have such a wonderful and caring teacher!

  5. Basically, you made my night with this post! Especially after just getting home from ANOTHER 5 hours of painting (at 10:30 PM).

    Can you and your Eric please fly up here and we'll get the Eric's to do all the work. Pretty please?

    Also, that is such a cool story about your brother! My cousin has down syndrome and he is SUCH an inspiration to me because he is almost ALWAYS in a good/positive mood :)

  6. Wow, I feel inspired!! To do what? I don't know, but I love hearing about people overcoming their disabilities. I mean, I had ADD my whole life..and still graduated top of the class, how about that!! It just goes to show you that you don't need medicated to do well (although I did eventually get meds, in college).

    Yeah for Jake, James, AND Amber!

  7. What a great post this is! It's always nice to remember that we have reasons to be thankful and can always overcome obstacles in front of us! And isn't Ambers news just beyond exciting? So happy for them.

    Inspiring stories... I'm totally drawing a blank but I do some work with my local Rotary chapter for charities in the area and it's so great to see that funds we raise and donations we make in terms of goods actually make a difference in people's lives! That always inspires me!

  8. I generally have at least one good one. But I'm having a rough day thinking nicely of students today after I freaking shoved me. So today they are all little buggers, tomorrow one will make me smile and I will think of a good one I'm sure.