Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Slacker

While everyone is out at parties drinking, eating and watching football...I am blogging on the couch with a cup of tea and too many Starburst Jelly Beans. When Superbowl Sunday becomes Superbowl Thursday (only one day left of work), Friday or Saturday, I'll be on board, til then...Superbowl Slacker it is :)

I know I promised Eric and I were going to do something fun today but it turns out I lied. I accidentally have turned Eric into a person who likes to be productive on Sunday, a trait he used to make fun of me about back in the day. Oops...

Blog Housekeeping

Since Eric and I didn't do anything today, I did spend a bunch of time updating some of my tabs on the blog today. I added a lot of my recent strength training posts to the Workouts tab, and the Wedding Meltdown to the Wedding tab. I also did some major updates to the Food tab, including linking to my breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas AND adding all my restaurant reviews for Boston, Cape Cod and Newport RI. Hopefully soon I'll be adding some Arizona restaurants!

I had a few questions this morning about the process of having my own domain, why I would do it etc. Basically, I have been considering switching to self hosted wordpress for awhile now. This would mean I would buy my own domain through GoDaddy (did you see the commercial for this during the Superbowl haha) or one of those hosting sites, and then I would create my own blog on Wordpress. It would involve transferring all that I have on this blog over and basically would be a pretty huge process. Everyone always talks about how much more flexible it is etc etc, so I was intrigued. Then I started teaching blog on Wordpress, and so far I'm not seeing what is so great about it. There were a couple of things I liked more about Wordpress including the tabs, which, thanks to Leslie, I basically already have on my blog. I also liked how Wordpress tells you all your statistics: how many people have looked at your blog today etc. But then, I found Google Analytics and now I don't need that either. Perhaps if I was more website savvy I would understand the difference, but since I'm not, I'm going to go against the trend and stay on blogger for now :)

So, with that, I am going to buy my own domain through blogger. In order to do this, I go to my Settings page --> Publishing --> Custom Domain. It costs $10 per year to have your own domain. This basically means the "blogspot" will be removed from my web address (and also it will change since redsoxcap is not available). My biggest reason for doing this is so that I can easily tell people in the offline world about my blog address. I know most people who read my blog now just have it in google reader anyway (or it pops up when you start typing it), but it would just be easier when talking about it. Does that make sense? It's a bit of a silly reason, but the best thing about blogger is that it will forward people from my current address to my new one, so it's actually more important that new people can remember my address rather than my current readers, who will get there either way :)

So, with that- I'm still debating on what my actually blog address is going to be. The informal tally I kept on my post this morning said that 8 of you said #1 (, 3 said #2 (, 7 said #3 ( and 2 said #4 ( That's pretty close between 1 and 3 and I simply can't decide! I think I like 1 better, but I agree that it's better for the address to be the same as the name, and I don't think I want to change my name...though I might be willing to in the future. Boo. I might have to flip a coin eventually, I am not the best decision maker.

Enough about the blog...


I spent about an hour today at the library looking for new books and ended up with 3 paperbacks.

I have been loving pleasure reading lately (well I always love it, I should say I have been prioritizing it lately) and I blame it on these girls. The Reader is our Blogger Book Club book this month, so if anyone wants to join, start reading it :) Anyone reading anything good right now?


Eric is famous (in my mind) for his Sweet Potato Risotto. Tonight he decided to change it up with Oyster Mushrooms and Peas. The result...

Look at that steam!

I mixed mine with a small portion of quinoa for some protein. This morning I cooked up some a lot of quinoa, so you will be seeing some quinoa recipes this week. I love quinoa, and it's such an awesome way to get protein in your diet- especially if you are a vegetarian, or avoid gluten or wheat. I am not a vegetarian, but sometimes I think you wouldn't know it reading my blog- almost all the meals I post are vegetarian :)

Guest Posts?
I plan to post from Arizona but I think there may be a time or two that I won't be able to because of travel etc. Would anyone like to submit a guest post? Please e-mail me at if you are interested :) Any food, fitness, wedding...pretty much any topics are welcome.

Keep any restaurant or tourist spot recommendations coming from Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona and Grand Canyon!


  1. haha samesies! Reggie Bush in those tight pants is the only thing luring me in to watch the game :)

  2. ooo! very good to know re: getting your own domain. i'm not quite ready to take the plunge, but was curious for future reference :) sounds like you've got a good plan!

  3. My plans got snowed out so I'm on the couch, too, half watching the game and half playing around on YouTube. ;)

    I used to be on Blogger and when I got my own domain last month, moved to Wordpress. It really wasn't difficult to do but obviously takes a little more time than staying -- however, it was really simple to move all of my posts (2 years' worth) to Wordpress without losing links or pictures.

  4. Hm.. toughy. You may just want to do shewearsaredsoxcap.. as much as i LOVE sox and sneakers. Yes it is long, but it flows off the tongue and like everyone knows your blog title kind you know?
    I'll do a guest post! When is your feb vaca again?

  5. I can't wait for the quinoa posts! I adore quinoa! Such an awesome grain!!

    I am terrible w/ all this technology stuff. I have also had people tell me I should switch to wordpress, but it just seems like too much of a hassle for me!

    That dish you made looks AMAZING!

  6. The super bowl really isn't as big of a deal in Canada so I have been pretty much ignoring it. Haha.

    That's cool that you're going to use blogger to self-host your site. I agree that self-hosting is way better. Although, I should say I've heard BAD Things about godaddy as a host. I've heard great things about bluehost and dreamhost though!

    I will guest post for you if you want! Just let me know when you need the post by :-)

  7. I was going to use GoDaddy as my host but now Amber has me worried! It's a lot cheaper than BlueHost, though, which also worries me. Cheaper doesn't always mean better!

    I'm thinking of switching to my own website once classes are over for this semester and I have time to do it, because I know it's a process! I'll probably switch over to Wordpress, although I agree that I don't see THAT much difference to Blogger. (Especially now that Blogger has pages, too!)

  8. I just recently used blogger to purchase my domain... It was really really simple and so far I haven't had any problems with it. Plus for $10 a year why not have your own domain :)

  9. Mmmm, rissoto with sweet potato?? Does it get any better?! Like you I am super productive on Sundays, but Nick always has to work and do inventory on Sundays so he's out :( I was blogging while the Super Bowl was on too, haha, oops! I missed it.

    10 dollars a year is actually not bad at all, I may have to try it out sooner than I imagined. Good luck with the switch!

  10. Great books you picked up there. I didn't read The Reader but the movie was intense. The other two are fun reads. Enjoy!

  11. I was a Superbowl Slacker too. :) Sounds like you had a productive Sunday!

    I really wish my husband would learn to master risotto. YUMMY!

  12. I usually HATE watching sports, but I love watching the Superbowl. Go figure! I had some friends over and we just chitchatted the whole night and ate way too many wings :P

  13. Have fun in Arizona!

    Even though I hosted a Super Bowl party, there was less football watching and more eating. Oh, and LOTS of excitement when we watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet!

  14. I use GoDaddy to host the website I manage for a local quilt guild so let me know if you have any questions.

  15. yeah i would be a little hung up on the length of #3 too, and i like #1 as well, but i am like you partial to the "original" name. on one hand, it is still similar, but yeah, it's not the same. this is belated and i'm sure you don't need another wrench thrown in but what about redsoxcapgirl? i don't even know if it's available...

    anyway i purchase my domain as well and stayed with blogger. mostly b/c i'm too lazy to transition and learn the ins and outs of wordpress :)

  16. I did buy my own domain name but so far I haven't yet hidden the original, so as soon as you visit it immediately switches over to the wordpress version so it's basically pointless. But it looks nice on my business cards. :) Good luck changing over.