Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekend, Goals for Week 1 of a New School Year

I hope everyone is having a lovely long weekend. I am soaking up this last bit of family time before I return to work on Tuesday. On Friday we decided to visit one of the Boston Harbor Islands called Spectacle Island. It actually used to be a dump until the Big Dig covered up all the trash only about 15 years ago. We got an early start on the day and ended up having the island almost to ourselves. Plus, the USS Constitution which only sails a few times a year happened to be sailing, so we got a perfect view of it. 

IMG 1300

IMG 1323IMG 1306

Also, Eric's brother got married over the weekend- so I gained a sister this weekend :) They were supposed to get married next September, but they decided to do a small ceremony yesterday and then have the party next year. Funny story: I called it a "shotgun" wedding until I realized that means the girl is pregnant so they rush the wedding… OOPS! Don't get me wrong I wouldn't be sad if that was the case, ha ha, but I thought it just meant a wedding that was planned quickly. 

IMG 1339

As I mentioned last week, I'm trying to do weekly goals now. Last week I wanted to take Max to do something new (see Spectacle Island, above) and an old favorite (we went to Walden Pond twice and we visited my grandmother). I also wanted to write short "To Do" lists each day. I did this 3 of the days, so not bad. I also tried doing a little social media break on Sunday. I caved a bit while trying to put Max down for a nap and went on Instagram, but overall it's something I will be doing again. 

This week is going to be a crazy one as I go back to work tomorrow. My students aren't starting until next week but I have a training and lots of meetings this week. It's going to be a complicated week of figuring out when to pump and where to pump (the training is at another school) and also trying to get my classroom ready. My goals? 

1. Go for a walk every day. (We usually do this already but want to make sure it happens this week.)

2. Turn off the computer by 9 every night. 

I hope everyone has a nice week! It's going to be HOT here, so I guess mother nature is not ready to say bye to summer either! 



  1. Glad you had a great last week at home with your little family! I hope that this week isn't too exhausting for you -- be kind to yourself :)

  2. I am glad you had a great last weekend as a family before you return to school! I hope that you are able to figure out a time/place to nurse this week! I agree with Amber and think you should definitely be kind to yourself! The week ahead is going to be a busy one for me as I have something going on every night and even though most of my evening commitments are fun things, it exhausts me just thinking about it... so here's to getting through our busy weeks!

  3. Max looks so grown up in the solo photo of him! Good luck with the return to school this week; been thinking of you and hope everything goes as well as it can.

  4. Love your goals for this week - if you're able to walk daily and turn off the computer by 9pm, I'd like to think you'll be more well rested than otherwise. Here's hoping week 1 back to work is going well.