Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pretend Summer and This Week's Goals

This weekend was a great throwback to summer. Not only was the weather sunny and over 80 degrees both days, but we were back at the Cape. It's a lot more complicated visiting the Cape with Max for just a weekend. The logistics alone make it almost not worth it and then throw in a lot of traffic and a screaming baby… sigh. But, it is such a happy place for us that we have to do it every once in awhile. 

IMG 1797

I was almost able to pretend it was still summer. 

IMG 1835

 IMG 1873

I didn't post about my goals last week, but don't worry I had some. They resulted in me getting rid of several mugs- anyone else hoard mugs? It might be a teacher thing. I also accomplished my goals from the week before. Most notably, Max's sleep has improved a lot. Thank goodness. 

The week ahead brings Curriculum Night where I have to make a big presentation at night. I am not a night person and I still have to teach all day before, and all day the next day so I'm going to need to rally all my energy. Therefore, goals this week are: 

1. Read 50% of my book. Just started Dollbaby today. Hopefully it will get me in the spirit to go visit "the south" in February, ha ha. 

2. Some movement every day: swim, walk, something. Today I went for a bike ride, so off to a good start. 

How was your weekend? What are you up to this week? 


  1. I loved Dollbaby! It definitely made me want to visit NOLA again.
    Have a great week!

  2. My weekend was fabulous! My goals for this week also include moving every day. And I need to throw away a garbage bag full from the office. I was doing so well in there and then I started dropping stuff in there again to hide it ha. I need to go pick up my desk from my parents house.

  3. Great pictures! Jealous of your weekend at the cape

  4. I hope you enjoy Dollbaby- I read it thanks to Amber (Iowa, Amber, that is). Glad you had a good weekend with lovely weather!

    Will be thinking of you this week & hope curriculum night goes ok!

  5. I'm going to quietly admit here that I HATE ALL OF SWEETS' MUGS!!! OMG. We've done a nice job of collecting quality mugs of the potter's variety from many trips over the years. Those mugs, I love. But, his folks love gifting kitschy, one-off mugs (think: photo mugs and mugs with words) and I want to chuck them off our balcony and gleefully watch as the crash into a million tiny pieces. Alas, he still gets to keep some of those mugs, but I've moved towards making him get rid of one if he wants to bring a new one home. hahaha.

  6. What gorgeous weather you had! And love that shot of Max being tossed up into the air :)

  7. Love the picture of Max in the air!!! You should print and frame that one! I hoard mugs. I can't help it! I love mugs and I have all different kinds and random ones and I love picking out which mug I'm going to drink my coffee in every morning. But really considering we are only two people we probablyyyy don't need like 15 mugs (not kidding). But I love them!

  8. I have heard that Dollbaby is good. You've got to read The Storied Life of AJ Fikry. I loved it! And it's set close to Boston on Alice Island, which might be a made up place actually... but it was a fun read.

    I love that photo of Max in the air, too! I am glad you got one last summer like weekend. It was like that here last weekend too but I missed it... This weekend the highs are in the 40s. Womp womp.