Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sleep and Weekly Goals

Last week was not my favorite. The transition back to work has been rough. It was 100 times easier last time (in April) for two reasons: Max actually slept at night (#1 reason) and I already knew my students and was coming back to them so I wasn't teaching all the routines and procedures of the beginning of the year, and trying to get to know my students and their parents. It actually makes me sad that this class doesn't know Max at all… I almost miss how much students would interrupt my lesson to say, "so, how's Max doing?" But really, the time, energy and mental effort involved in the beginning of kindergarten is not for the sleep deprived person. 

Max has decided he no longer sleeps through the night. At first, he just woke up, had a quick snack and was back to sleep. I didn't love it, but I figured he must be hungry and at least it was a quick wake up (though it always takes me awhile to get back to sleep). The past two weeks though, it's more like wake up, take a sip of milk, decide he's not hungry, try to play, test out new crawling skills, maybe pull up on the side of crib, cry for mom, try to play, cry for mom again, etc. Blah, I know I have to sleep train but my one attempt went horrible and no amount of ignoring crying in kindergarten can prepare you for listening to your baby scream in the next room. 

Good thing he is cute. 


Last week's goals were to walk or swim every night and to control my media use by avoiding the computer after Max was asleep and deleting the Facebook app on my phone. I did great with goal #1, I walked every single night even the nights that I swam. This won't be one of my goals this week but I'm sure I will do it again as it's really just the best thing for our whole family. My media use was okay- I did go on the computer a couple of times after Max was asleep, simply because I had to do something for work or pay a bill etc. I forgot that some days that is really my only opportunity to get on the computer between work and taking care of Max. Even still, I had no problem shutting it off to go to bed early, so that's good. I kept the Facebook app off my phone all week, but I did have a few instances where I went to the website… still that had to be more intentional than just clicking on the app so, I think I'll probably keep the app off my phone for now and see if I can kind of slowly make myself less dependent. 

Goals for Week of 9/14

1. Read more. It's so hard to fit in, but I'm always happier when I do. Try to get 50% of the way through my new book: The Last Letter from Your Lover by Jojo Meyes

2. Train Max to go to bed without falling asleep nursing. It's going to stink but that's the first step in training this baby not to wake up to play in the middle of the night. I'm going to start on Thursday so I only have 1 more day to get through of work, and hopefully by the next Monday things won't be super terrible. Then in a few weeks I'll tackle the middle of the night wake ups (unless they stop, which would be even better). 

And here is your unsolicited advice from me this week. #1- don't have kids, #2- don't teach kindergarten and #3- if you don't listen to me about 1 or 2, please at least don't do both. Thank me later :)


  1. Oh that sucks that Max is not sleeping well and that it's coinciding with a time when you need lots of energy to get through your day. I hope that he goes back to sleeping through the night! I am sure that would make a huge difference... I'm sorry you had a rough week, though, and are so overwhelmed by work/being a mom/etc. Hopefully you all will find your rhythm soon...

  2. My girls have kept me up SO MUCH MORE since school started than they did ALL summer. I can't believe it. Both Friday and Saturday night this weekend I was up like 6 or more times between the two. We all have colds and Sammy all of a sudden wants to eat every 2 hours instead of sleeping until at least 4 am. This mama is tired too! I agree that it is SO hard to have patience for other people's kids when you are so tired. And, I have a really tough kiddo this year. I will have to email you separately about him...

  3. Hahaha "or at least don't do both". Good advice ;) Sorry to hear Max' sleep has been less than stellar since you started back at work. I have no idea if this is even a thing for someone his age but is it possible he just misses mom so much while she's at work he's sneakily waking up in the night to have more time with her? Haha. I am probably giving Max way more credit for this than he actually deserves (not that he's not smart, but maybe not thatttt smart yet?) haha. Anyways, I hope it all works itself out soon! Great job still getting in a walk every night!

  4. Wahhh I wish Max would pull it together for you! Good job getting in a walk every night though!

  5. I'm sorry that your week was so rough. I hope this week is easier.

    Seeing Max's pictures always making me smile so thanks for posting one!

  6. I hope you are enjoying the book; that was my first Jojo book that i read before she was popular and I loved it.

    Your advice made me laugh; Knight and I have so many discussions regarding having kids. SO MANY. I don't know where we stand on it right now... so for now I'm taking your advice :) Hugs to you!

  7. Oh man, he is such a cutie! And darn, it's too late for me about #1 ;)