Sunday, September 7, 2014

Saving Sanity and Weekly Goals

I'm really liking these weekly goals- if nothing else, it forces me to blog once a week. Ha ha. I survived the first week of school, didn't actually have students but sitting through training all day is definitely a special kind of torture, so survival is an accomplishment. Max did pretty well with my first week of work. He wasn't big on napping but that's not too different from the norm...

I did well with my goals last week. I took a walk every night and I turned off my computer by 9… well sometimes 9:20, but definitely earlier than I was before so I consider that a win. The nightly walks are a sanity saver for our whole family and we even managed to walk in a few different places this week which was fun. Below is a photo of the reservoir near my house which is definitely an old favorite walking location. According to my Fitness Magazine that I was reading on the elliptical the other day, you really only need to take 4-5, 30 minute walks per week for health purposes. If you want to lose weight, obviously you need to do more but it's good to know that in this season (of life) where sometimes the workouts happen and sometimes they don't, I'm really not sacrificing my health at all. I mean sure, these magazines most likely make up stats and you can find a study to back up basically any claim but, I'm just going to call it a win for now and not question it. 

Photo 1  42

Here are some other sanity savers I've been trying out: doing all prep for the morning in advance (picking out clothes, packing lunches, packing insane number of bags I need these days), planning with Eric for the week in advance including who will pick up Max, who will work out when, what we are eating for dinner etc, grocery shopping every 2 weeks with a small Trader Joe's run on the "off" week. I'm currently loving all of these things, so let's hope I am motivated to keep them up. 

When I look ahead to this upcoming week, I'm going to continue to focus on sanity savers. Unfortunately Max is in a really bad sleep phase at the moment. As a result, I really need to focus on taking care of myself so that I can function on far less sleep than I am used to/need. Also I have to deal with 23 kindergarten kids all day starting tomorrow. Sigh. 

Goals for Week of 9/7:

1. Continue nightly walks or other exercise (swimming counts, so does strollerblading if we get motivated to do that).

2. Decrease technology use, specifically: delete FB app from phone, read or go to bed after Max is asleep.


And on that note, Max is asleep so I should be turning off my computer. I hope everyone had a great weekend! 





  1. That is good that you've found little things to do to make your weeks more manageable. I have to do the same thing - I plan out all my meals and workouts on Sunday, otherwise I just feel lost during the week. I hope Max starts sleeping better again as you definitely don't need sleep deprivation on top of everything else!

    I hope the first week with kids goes well!!

  2. I really like these weekly goals! I might have to start doing them ... I have been in the worst workout rut since the wedding. I have not done much AT ALL, which is mainly due to the plantar fasciitis and the tendinitis in my achilles, but I was cleared to work out/run weeks ago and just haven't done it. ;(

    I also do best when I have EVERYTHING ready to go the night before. Speaking of that, I'm not ready now, so I should probably go do it.

    Hope you have a great first day with kids!

  3. I have considered deleting FB from my phone many times this summer, but I never did it! I am curious to know what you think. Hope your first day with the kids goes well!

  4. Getting everything ready the night before really does help, even though it's so hard to do! I've started cutting up veggies I put in my omelette the night before and it's a huge time saver!

  5. Glad the first week went well for you, minus Max and the sleeping situation! That's a bummer for everyone involved.

    Totally different life situations but each night I decide what I'm taking for lunch the next day, I make sure Knight knows what he's taking for lunch and put my bag(s) by the door to the garage so I don't forget them.

    I really need to cut back on my looking at my phone. it's pretty out of hand. My downfalls are Pinterest and Instagram.

    Hope things are going well today! Thinking of you!

  6. You are amazing for balancing it all like you do! Hope the sleeping situation improves :( Being sleep deprived just seems to make every thing seem harder.

    I, too, have started setting everything up the night before - including outfits and it's saved tons of time! I was finding myself wasting 10 minutes trying to figure out what to wear in the morning. And every minute is precious when you're on the run!

  7. I hope the kindergarteners were good for you today! That is interesting about walking, I totally believe it. I definitely feel healthier since getting Chloe and being forced to walk every day on top of whatever other workout I've done!

    I am on Facebook ALLL day at work so I usually don't check it on my phone too much. I wouldn't mind doing a technology free week where I delete social media apps off of my phone though! I just can't right now because I use them way too much for work! haha

  8. I had high hopes of trying to start the school year off by working out every night to keep me motivated and saner but it's been so ridiculous that I only managed like 3 days and then succombed to falling into my chair and not moving hahaha. Ugh. I'm hoping October simmers down a bit. Since my kiddos start tomorrow. AHHHHHHHH.

  9. and by tomorrow i mean monday but I'M STILL messed up on days/dates.

  10. Great update. And you're totally right - in every season of life, we do what we can ... related to health, relationships, careers, etc. Making decisions that allows you to put as much of your focus on Max as possible - well, those are decisions you'll never regret!