Sunday, August 10, 2014

Things I'm Loving Right Now

This post idea was shamelessly stolen from Caroline. But mine will not be as beautiful and artistic as hers. Perhaps I can make it up to you with a cute photo of Max in his first restaurant high chair with BFF Teddy? See below. 

Did everyone have a good weekend? The weather was so gorgeous here. We had tons of visitors this weekend including both friends and family. It was super fun, but of course Max was super off schedule and so now I am exhausted and ready for a recovery week. Hopefully Max will agree. 11b


Photo 1  41

Photo 2  38

Here are a few things I'm currently loving:  

The Ice Bucket Challenge- Have you heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge? It was started by BC alum Pete Frates to raise awareness of ALS. Basically, the idea is, if you get nominated you have to dump a bucket of ice water on your head (and video tape it and post to social media) and then nominate more people to do the same. If you don't want to dump the water on your head, you are supposed to donate to ALS research instead. I truly think the idea is AWESOME. Apparently, donations are way up and it's definitely raising awareness because I learned more about ALS than I ever knew in the past few days. As an added bonus, it has provided me with endless entertainment over the past few days. Suddenly putting Max down for a nap means watching one hilarious video after another. Plus, Eric and I did a joint video and then nominated Max, so he got to participate. I'm pretty sure he was ready to trade us in for new parents, but some day he will appreciate our sense of humor. 

What I Instagrammed vs. What is Really Happening

Waze App- Although I was introduced to this app awhile ago, i have just started to regularly use it now and I'm in love. Basically, it's a navigation app but it's so much better than regular GPS. It reads traffic patterns and reroutes you so that you get your destination as fast as possible. It also warns you about police officers and construction. The reason why it is so great is because it depends on other people using the app, so someone in the car 3 minutes ahead of you on the road is basically giving you up to date information. 

Elise Get's Crafty: Say No To Say Yes- As I have mentioned, I do not excel in the area of saying no. This podcast has helped me start to look at saying no as a way to say yes to other things. I have it bookmarked to listen to again right before school starts. 

What do you currently love? 


  1. MAX in a high chair!!! I miss him!

  2. I currently am loving 3 plus hour summer naps. For the child, not me.

  3. I love the pics of Teddy & Max! Too cute! Those 2 are going to be best buds. I will have to listen to that Say No to Yes podcast sometime this weekend as that is something I struggle with as well.

    I am currently loving that the weather has been pretty nice lately (aside from the rain we've had the last 3 days), gluten free cookies that I found at Target that actually taste good, and meals made on the grill!

  4. Max and Teddy are so cute together!! Also I'm excited to read that instagram article! I wouldn't say my instagram is a "lie" but it's definitely a 'pretty' version of my life :)

  5. PS: Back after reading that article. THE BEST. I can't wait to follow her on instagram now :) haha