Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Currently: Summer Edition

I last did a Currently post in January, so I think I need a summer edition! I'll include some photos of our trip to New Hampshire this past week. We stayed in the North Conway area, where I haven't been for about 8 years. It's beautiful!


reading The Pearl that Broke It's Shell by Nadia Hashimi. So far I really like it even though I'm just completely depressed by the way women are treated in the book. I may complain, but I'm grateful to live in a time and place where my greatest injustice is the fact that I have to be pregnant and can't leave that to my husband. 

loving swimming outside! 

thinking about how to bring the relative calm and balance of summer into my working mom life...


feeling some mix of happy, overwhelmed, tired, grateful, motivated, unmotivated…all the feelings, usually at different times throughout the day

anticipating the August breakdown and hoping maybe it just passes me by this year?

inspired by all the beauty in my backyard (well, technically speaking this area of New Hampshire is a 2 1/2 hour drive away, which it turns out feels a lot longer when a baby screams the whole time, but I always need a good reminder that I don't need to get on a plane to see beautiful things)

watching the construction vehicles outside and thinking if they wake up Max I might have to kill someone (seriously, I do not watch TV right now at all- I need to get caught up on my favorite summer shows Rizzoli and Isles and Unforgettable)

sad that summer cannot last forever

working on my "summer job" (creating an internet resources bibliography) and starting to think about the school year ahead

looking forward to being back at the Cape in a few days

grateful that I am able to spend so much time with Max and Eric right now


listening to a steady stream of country music

wishing that summer could be as long as the school year! 


  1. The pictures you've posted from NH are so beautiful! What a great getaway. You are so lucky that there is so much to see and do within a fairly short car drive. That is really not the case here as you have to drive SO far to get to other states/areas I'd like to visit. I hope you can find a way to bring the peace and calm of summer into your working mom schedule!

    I'm currently wishing it was Friday instead of Wednesday. Ha.

  2. I was wondering where "NH" was when I saw it on Instagram! It does look super beautiful. And that's only 2.5 hours away? Amazing!

    I'm glad you guys are having such an awesome summer. I'm having a pretty great summer myself. Not feeling ready for it to end and for the craziness of the fall to hit. We still have a whole month to go though, right!!

    I'm currently anticipating the next three weekends which are full of lots of FUN stuff!

  3. I hope the August breakdown bypasses you, too.
    So cool that you can hop in a car and see that kind of beauty in a few hours (though totally get that a crying baby makes it seem much longer). That's one thing I just LOVE about the Northeast and why I tell D that we need to move there at least once a year =)

  4. I love your pictures, one of the many things I love about being from the Northeast is our ability to hop in a car and take a relatively quick trip to a different state.

    Currently I am anticipating Nora's move to the Northeast since she apparently keeps saying it...

  5. haha I'm sensing a theme here.. you do not want to go back to school : ) Luckily you still have a bit of time! I say we spend in swimming as much as possible.

  6. Gorgeous photos! I hope you get to enjoy the last bits of summer too! (Although you know me over here - totally ready for fall already!)

  7. If only summer vacation was 9 months long.. ahhh..