Thursday, July 10, 2014

Four Years

Today is Eric and my fourth anniversary! You can read about our first three here: 

The First Year

Saying Goodbye to the Pacific Northwest

I Love Boston Project: Rockport, MA

We don't believe in gifts for anniversaries so instead we always go on a trip of some kind. The first year we went to Burlington VT, the second year we celebrated Amber's wedding in Canada, and last year we took a day trip to Rockport MA (then a few days later left for a big trip to Iceland, Germany and Austria.)

This year is obviously a bit different so we took this opportunity to leave Max for the first time over night and go to a hotel in Boston. Many people told us that we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves the first time we left Max but actually we just fell right back into old routines. We did fun touristy things during the day, ate a delicious dinner at night and then relaxed in our hotel room, mostly laughing our heads off without worrying about waking up a sleeping baby. 

Here are some photos: 

Photo 2  35

Photo 3  25

Photo 5  3

Photo 1  39

Photo 2  36

Photo 3  26

This coming winter Eric and I will have been together for 10 years, which is 1/3 of my life. I am so very lucky to have had this kind of support and laughter for such a long time. 

Our fourth year of marriage can be characterized with two single words: THIS GUY. 


Max brought us both some of the greatest joys and the greatest challenges of our marriage so far. When you consider that I have been either pregnant/angry, feeling like crap, sleep deprived or at times massively overwhelmed for the past year, I guess it's a wonder we made it to 4 years at all. Ha. 

I'm looking forward to our fifth year of marriage, and our first full year as a family of 3 :) I plan to be a lot less miserable to be married to this year… at least let's hope! 


  1. 1. Happy anniversary!
    2. OMG Bricco! That was always my favorite North End Restaurant.
    3. I love your dress.
    4. I just want to squeeze Max's cheeks.

  2. Kelly I wrote you a novel comment and blogger ATE IT! NOOOO!

    Ok, well I will try to repeat it.... First, Happy Anniversary. I love that we kind of share an anniversary and maybe one day we can all get together again and celebrate our anniversaries :D

    Also, I love that you guys took a night to yourselves and had no problem falling back into your old ways! You guys are just proving them all wrong about the myths of having a child changing things!!

    We don't really do anything special for our anniversary because we usually do a big trip in the spring and also the last few weeks have been really stressful for us with Eric job searching. So we went for lunch yesterday and then Eric sent me some flowers and I bought him beer and we had a low key night. It was really nice though!

  3. Happy anniversary! Gahhh you guys are the best. And so lucky!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Looks like you guys had fun! We are going to Wisconsin to see Jimmy Buffett with friends for our 7th anniversary next month! ;)

  5. Happy Anniversary! I am glad you got a chance to get away and do some fun things together (and get some uninterrupted sleep)! It's crazy to think you've been together for 1/3 of your life! But also also that that is the case. You two definitely have something special and are such a great couple!

    Oh and I totally mis-remembered that I was with you on your first anniversary. Obv it was your 2nd. Details, details. ;)

  6. Happy Anniversary! Having a child definitely changes the marriage a lot but for the better. Glad you got a night to yourselves! I think the first time I left Grace was this past year but it was for the 8 day trip to Paris so that was a lot at once!

  7. love this! Max looks like a lot like you in that photo; what a smile. Happy Anniversary and wishing you many more years to come! xo

  8. Happy Anniversary! I think it's so great you were able to get away to celebrate - and that falling into your old routine was effortless! Good for you guys! Here's to many many more years of happiness!!