Thursday, July 3, 2014

Best of June 2014

I stole this idea for "Best of" from Caroline, just adapting it a bit. 

June was seriously such an awesome month. I didn't even realize HOW awesome until I tried to pick 3 top moments and it was completely impossible. It was definitely the top best month of 2014 so far… I wonder if July can beat it? 


My 30th Birthday

IMG 5279

Boston Harbor Speed Boats: 


Hanging out with Katie, Cristina and Teddy on Katie's 30th Birthday and going to Walden with Teddy and Katie!


Meeting Sarah's baby Mira and Tiff's baby Wes

Bringing Max to the park/swings for the first time and having him laugh out loud at Eric on the swings 

Going out to dinner with work friends

The Zac Brown Concert at Fenway! 


I clearly just need to look at this post whenever I'm feeling "woe is me" about motherhood. 


It's really impossible for anything else to compete with swims at Walden Pond in the summer. It was a busy month and workouts definitely fell to the side, but I kept up with Walden swims 1-2 times per week and I'm so glad I did. 

IMG 5217



everything Zac Brown...

Play It Again, Luke Bryan

Meanwhile Back at Mamas, Tim McGraw

Someday I will have something on this list other than country… but that day is not today. 


I loved both books I read this month by Rainbow Rowell: Eleanor & Park and Attachments. 

I'd like to have a better reading month in July, so please recommend your recent reads! 


  1. I love Tim McGraw and I think we should go to a concert together. Also yeah, you are the most active and social new mother I know!

  2. I can't handle Max in his sun hat. Too cute.

    I just finished Eleanor and Park and I loved it too. Optimist that I am, I've decided that the three words in the postcard were. "I love you," "I miss you" or, "Come visit me."

  3. Wow, you really had an awesome month! It's good to put together posts like these because it makes you realize how many great things you fit into a month!

    E&P was my first book by that author - I am looking forward to checking out more of her books! Unfortunately I haven't read anything awesome lately... I'm sort of in a 'meh' stage with reading right now and I haven't been making time for it...

  4. Oooh books! I've been on a roll lately so check out my Goodreads - off the top of my head though, Looking for Me by Beth Hoffman, Vintage by Susan Gloss, And One Last Thing by Molly Harper, and The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle. All novels except the last one which is a memoir (and is HILARIOUS).

  5. I just finished The Pearl that broke its shell and it was REALLY good. I highly recommend it! Glad June was such an awesome month for you! Can't complain about that :)

  6. Love your June recap! And the country music can just stay---I'm a big fan as well! I have a stack of books to read, but have been totally slacking! I'm about to start "If I Stay" by Gale Foreman. I need to read 9 more before the end of July to complete my summer reading challenge so here's hoping I do better than June!

  7. You had a great June! That is awesome!! Max looks like a happy little "water baby"!

    I am impressed with your ability to do open water swims - that is something I need to work on. It is so much harder than lap swimming!

  8. I am jealous of that Zac Brown concert! I read 7 books last month. I would recommend South of Broad, Sullivan's Island, I'll be Seeing You, gods in Alabama or Before She Woke!

  9. How awesome that you got to see ZBB! I love them. Missed them last year, not sure if they are coming here this year.

    I just finished (last week!) "That part was true," which is a lovely story about a writer and a lady who loves food, their correspondence, their growth and friendship. It's not too terribly long and I thought it was charming. May be worth a read! (Confession: I picked it up because it had the Eiffel Tower on the cover, and I'm glad I did.)