Monday, March 10, 2014

The Return to Exercise

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was hoping to get cleared to work out again at my 6 week postpartum appointment. That happened :) So, I've officially been back in the game for a little over a week. I'm not planning to do weekly workout updates but I figure I'll summarize the first week and then I may do another one when I return to work and things get even more complicated. 

Right now my challenges are:

1. I have a baby attached to my hip/boob. 

2. I was hoping I'd be able to pass Max off to Eric as soon as he gets home since he works out at home, but I forgot about the whole feeding thing… so really I can't work out until 5pm or later. 

3. I'm tired, so the last thing I want to do at 5pm or later is work out. 

4. I couldn't do all the work outs I wanted to the last 10 months, so now I have workout ADD and I want to do EVERYTHING. 

But, my super lucky things are: 

1. My mom is willing to watch Max during the day so I can work out. So far I've taken advantage of this to swim once a week.

2. I found a yoga class I can bring Max to. 

3. I have a treadmill at home so I can walk and run with Max sleeping next to me. 

Photo  88

So what have I done so far? 

I got cleared on Thursday February 27, so I'll begin with February 28th. My doctor had said I could do yoga and walking before the 6 week appointment, so I started both of those about a week earlier. 

Friday February 28th: Postpartum Yoga. I am loving this yoga class for many reasons. The first is that I can bring Max and he just hangs out in the car seat sleeping (at least so far, we shall see ha ha). The second is that the class is at a yoga and pilates studio, so the class incorporates some great pilates exercises as well as yoga. Pilates was a love of mine way before yoga so it's nice to get back into it especially now when I need core work! I ended up signing up for a 3 month unlimited to this studio so I can try a full pilates class and a barre class as well! Workout ADD. 

Saturday March 1st: Walk with Max and Eric

Sunday March 2nd: Walk with Max and Eric

Monday March 3rd: I returned to swimming, wahoo! My mom watched Max, thanks Mom! I was really hoping that going mid day would mean that I had my choice of open lanes, but the pool/gym was PACKED. Do people work? 

Tuesday March 4th: My first very slow return to running. I did a modified Couch to 5K on the treadmill. I survived running! Yay!

Wednesday March 5th: Off

Thursday March 6th: I met a friend at the pool at night. This is going to be the key to late night workouts for me, meeting someone there. We may have spent slightly more time chatting than swimming, and the pool was kind of insane but hey, I got some laps in, so that's all that matters. 

Friday March 7th: Yoga

Saturday March 8th: I returned to outside running. I did the Couch to 5K with the app on my phone, which is pretty freaking awesome not going to lie. 

Sunday March 9th: Walk with Max and Eric

Monday March 10th: Swim

Tomorrow it's going to be 50 degrees so I'm going to wait until Eric gets home and go for a quick run before Max's 4 o'clock feeding. I'm not sure how running will go right before a feeding, but it's all about experimenting at this point. to surprisingly, my return to working out has made me feel 100 times better and even given me some energy back. I really don't know how people survive without exercise! 

What workouts have you been doing lately? 


  1. Yay! Welcome back! I love the Couch to 5k program too. It has you changing pace at just the right moment

  2. Look at you go! Awesome workouts, friend. I was on vacation last week but thanks to Pinterest I was able to get in some cardio + weightless workouts while there. There weren't long by any means but it's better than nothing when I'm traveling. It's going to be WARM today so I'm hoping to get in a mile run (I know, so short, but I'm easing back into running) and then a long walk with Jack, too =)

  3. YAY! So glad to hear you're getting back to exercising and also that it's been making you feel so good and giving you so much energy! I get asked lots how I do all the exercise I do but the honest answer is the more I exercise the more I WANT to because it gives me energy doesn't take away from it! That said I am pretty tired this afternoon after doing an intense flow yoga class at 6 am this morning!

    Can't wait to hear what you think of barre! I am doing my first full pilates class with my coworker tomorrow afternoon. I'm excited! I used to do a pilates video all the time but I've never been to an actual class before.

  4. Yay. Glad it is working out. Do you just hold your phone when you run or do you have somehow to keep it safe? I've been debating using mine for music/app but I'm scared.

  5. I am glad that you are back to working out. That makes such a huge difference in your state of mind. It's great that you are getting in such a variety of workouts, too. And hooray for it being warm enough to exercise outdoors! Hopefully winter is totally behind you!

    My workouts have been pretty good lately. I do a combination of running, spinning, and walking a hill route on the treadmill. I wish I could run more often/more miles but I am trying to be careful about it so I don't get injured.

  6. I don't care how slowly you think you're getting back into working out, because you are a ROCK STAR for figuring out how to fit in exercise so soon after your 6 week appointment.