Sunday, March 30, 2014

Max: 10 Weeks Old

Max has hit the double digits as far as weeks go! It's hard to believe :) 

What has this busy little baby been up to lately? 

Photo 1  20

Oh sorry, I meant besides saving the world. 

Well, he went on his first out of state day trip to visit his great-aunt, great-grandmother and only living great-grandfather in Connecticut last week. Of course he was a complete delight on the trip. I'm going to post some photos of that in a future post about all of Max's great-grandparents so stay tuned for that. 

He also had his first day of kindergarten a little early! 

Photo 3  13

I took him to visit my school/kindergarten class and it went really well. He was asleep but when 22 kids surrounded him he woke up and just looked around a bit, didn't even mind. It was so nice to see the kids, I really missed them. They told me all sorts of random information I have missed the past few months. I'm currently feeling excited to go back to work even though I know it is going to have it's challenges. 

Max also got his two month shots last week, and luckily it went well. He only cried for a few seconds and then he basically just did a lot of sleeping for 24 hours after that. 

Winn 140315 4469

The last big accomplishment recently has been transitioning Max to the crib. He has been sleeping IN the crib in his own room for over a month now, but because I was so scared to mess with his good sleep, I had the bassinet IN the crib with him in it ha ha. Eric finally convinced me that I didn't want to drag the bassinet to the Cape in a few weeks, so I just put him in the crib and all went well. The only issue is, he always manages to move himself all the way down the crib so he can kick the bars. Despite the fact that I have a video monitor I have NO idea how he is doing this. He always waits until I am asleep to inch his way down… someday I'm going to figure out how!

Photo 2  17

Before you just try to kidnap my son because he is SO GOOD, I should mention he has been going through a very fussy period the last couple of weeks. I think it's been too long to just be the go to "growth spurt" that everyone blames for everything. Yesterday, between Eric and I, we took the child on 3 weeks and had multiple dance parties just to keep the crying somewhat at bay. I think what it really is, is that he is having a hard time settling down for naps and then gets himself so tired that there is no chance of him falling asleep. I have done some good 2AM online reading the past few nights and I think I'm going to try to put him on a nap schedule and do as many naps as possible in his crib. I resisted doing this because I had high hopes of him becoming the type of baby who can sleep anywhere, plus I didn't want to be attached to a nap schedule like I am an eating schedule… but at this point I really think this is what's best for him. I plan to be pretty strict about morning nap(s) and more lax about afternoon naps if we are out and about. Hopefully this will work :) I will say that I am currently enjoying my first breakfast in peace in several days (other than yesterday when my mom held him while I ate ha ha) and I'm actually getting around to writing this blog post all because Max is upstairs napping, SO… nap schedule it is!

Speaking of naps/sleeping, Max has resisted an arms in swaddle since Day 1, so my mom got him these AWESOME swaddles that allow his arms to be out easily. However, I think he recently realized that they kind of look like a dress...

Photo 3  12

Look Max… with me as a mom, you are lucky pink is not involved :) 

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Likes: cuddling, getting his diaper changed, fighting naps, going for walks, hanging out in the Ergo, bath time (yay!)

Dislikes: any clothes that require being put over his head, when he is super tired, the witching hour (or is that just us)

Feeding: He is doing great with eating, still eating on a schedule but I've discovered a couple of times in the last week that I can push the schedule at this point and he still does okay. Yay! 

Sleeping: Max's sleeping at night is going well. On the days when he naps a lot, he wakes up twice during the night. On the days when he fights naps all day, he only wakes up once. We shall see what happens with the schedule, but at this point I'm willing to sacrifice those blissful one time wake ups for a little bit happier days! 

Mom Update: The past few weeks have been a bit more of a challenge since I now have a baby who cannot be put down, so simply emptying the dishwasher has become a task that can take hours at a time. But, on the other hand, it's not so terrible to just cuddle with a baby for hours at a time either as long as you don't focus on the complete lack of productivity :) Exercise continues to go well which I am happy about, really hoping I can push this momentum into May when I'm back at work, yikes. Also, I said goodbye to my maternity clothes (except my pair of jeans that I may never say goodbye to) the other day. I found some work pants that fit, so I figured I could officially put everything away now. I love maternity clothes but it is nice to have a little space in my closet!

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Thanks for reading all about Max :) I have not been keeping up with his baby book at all (oops) so it will be nice to be able to read all these updates later! 


  1. I love all the photos of Max. He is just too cute. I love the look on his face in the swaddling photos. And you clearly have a baby ninja since he can move in the crib when you are not watching! I hope that the nap schedule helps w/ the crankiness. I am glad the visit to your classroom went well and that you are excited to go back to work as that is definitely better than dreading it! I hope the transition goes ok for you but I know it will be overwhelming at first...

  2. He is adorable! And WOO you are out of maternity clothes?! Go mama! I'm glad he got to meet the kiddos at work - and even though going back to work will be hard it hopefully won't be for too long before the end of the school year and then Max's first summer where he will party like a rockstar and tan! (I'm just assuming based on what I've heard about him).

  3. your son is so adorable! Love the outfits and hearing about everyone's progress. His eye color is so handsome; I know that it could still change but I hope his stays the color they are. =)

  4. Someone gave us a baby book as a gift. I never used it. I feel like they're so outdated ... because you could just as easily make an digital book of Max's first year, add some memorable stories and have it printed in a hard-cover book.

    Max is adorable. And you're sounding great. Congrats on getting back into non-maternity clothes! Oh, and you should keep a running list of what needs to be done around the house. Let friends and family do your dishes or do a load of clothes for you -- you can still keep them company while you hold Max. That way, Max is happy, mommy isn't stressed and friends/family are happy they can help you!

  5. I love your Max updates!! Glad he is such a good little baby. He is so darn cute, I would probably be ok with cuddling him all day too :)