Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oh, The Places I Want To Go

If you know me at all, you were probably super nervous about how absurdly long this post might be when you read the title. I'm not really going to tell you ALL the places I want to go… because that could make up an entire blog topic, not just 1 post. Instead just some upcoming trips I'm considering. I'd love to get any thoughts you have, so chime in!


LA/San Diego

Technically I've been to LA and even San Diego once in college, but my priorities were a bit different back then and I'd like to go back and see something besides the inside of a Mexican bar. Ahem. Here are a few things I think it would be cool to see in SoCal:

1. A west coast sunset. I've seen this before, but it never gets old. 


2. Beautiful beaches. I did see Venice Beach last time and I'd like to see it again. I have not seen any beaches in San Diego, and I'm sure they are gorgeous. 

3. Hollywood. I don't know what there is to see, but I'm curious. 

4. Disneyland. Just for a day. I want a picture of Eric, Mickey and me. 

5. Wineries. There are some in between LA and San Diego? Perfect. 

6. Weather. I would go to LA/San Diego in February. I know that's not exactly the best weather, but I got a tan in LA in January, so I have high hopes that it will at least be better than Boston. 


Austin/San Antonio

I've been obsessed with a trip to Austin every since 2002, when I was obsessed with the song by Blake Shelton, Austin. My interest in San Antonio goes back even longer when my brother was obsessed with Davy Crockett. I'll admit though, I don't have a solid handle on what I want to see in both places. But here are some ideas: 

1. The Riverwalk. It looks cool, no? 


2. The Alamo. See above, re: Davy Crockett. 

3. Pearl Brewery. I just found out about this when doing research a few days ago, but I think we all know I love a good brewery. 

3. Barton Springs Pool. Another recent discovery, but after the trip to Yellowstone I love geysers. 

4. University of Texas. I like seeing random colleges and buying their sweatshirts. I really want to confuse my gym about what college I actually attended. 

Washington DC

The major draw of DC other than the million things to do is that I actually have friends who live in DC, who I could see. So that's a bonus. I haven't been there since 2001 when I went with my mom to look at colleges. I haven't done any of the tourist stuff since I was in 5th grade. I'll probably defer to Eric on this trip since he has gone a couple of times with his middle schoolers and knows the touristy things to do. I love tourism. Also potentially we could drive to DC. I know that sounds absurd (or totally normal if you are Canadian)- well particularly for me because I complain about even driving 3 hours. However, I could stop a lot on the way, in CT, in NY and even visit Philadelphia, where I've never actually been. So… that's another added bonus. Flights are pretty cheap too if I go that route. 

PS. If we go to DC, it would probably be in April rather than February. 

So… put in your vote? California? Texas? DC? Somehow get rich and go to all three?! 


  1. You're missing STL on the list (I kid, but also, seriously! Come and visit. Would love to show you our town!)

    I loved Venice Beach for a million different reasons and would love to go back as well. I was in LA for a week and apart from getting to Santa Monica (which i loooovvved) and a night club in Hollywood, that's all I got to see of Hollywood so I'd be totally ok to check it out again.

    I'm a fan of traveling to new places so I vote all three + STL!=)

  2. I vote for LA/San Diego! I think that would be an awesome trip that time of year!

    ORRRR you guys could just come to Mexico with us. Huh? Huh? ;)

  3. Go to DC during the Cherry Blossom season! It's stunning! And Becky will meet up with you and be a FANTASTIC TOUR GUIDE. :)

    I am going to Austin in a couple of weeks and I am so excited. I was there last fall for work but worked such long days, I didn't see the city. I will only have 2 days there, but I am excited to check it out and spend some quality time with a best friend from college, her husband, and their adorable 2 year old. :)

    I want to spend time in California - especially in the Big Sur area. I am spending a week in CA for work in November, so I will see San Fran, Sacramento, and LA (mostly the southern area, probably won't be in the actual downtown area of LA), and then I am spending the weekend with a blog friend (Kyria) in San Fran. I can't wait!

  4. DC was wonderful and Lisa is right, Becky is a phenomenal tour guide!

    I think you should choose somewhere in the Midwest so I can meet up with you! St. Louis totally works, I would drive down to see you! ;)

    Seriously though, all of those sound wonderful. I would choose the one that you get the best deal on, but if putting all money and deals aside... I think I'd go with California!

  5. IF you are going in February I'd pick Austin or San Diego because DC could be miserable. Otherwise, I'd love to join you in all three places hshaha

  6. If you go to CA, you really need to drive around Rte 1. So lovely!