Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Stole this from Amber and loved it :) 


feeling stressed about work but happy about life :) 

reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King, it's 849 pages- maybe not my best idea for the month of conferences and report cards, I think I am currently 2% through

longing for a trip! (when am I not longing for a trip?) and for the day we can go back to the Cape regularly again

laughing at the hilarious things my husband says/does and the hilarious things my students say/do, I don't need to long to laugh in my life at all! 

crying about writing report cards 

looking forward to some fun this week, a possible Cape trip on the horizon and a family trip in December! 

journaling never… when I was little I kept awesome journals but ever since I started working I haven't been able to keep one up, I just tell Eric or my friends/family anything I would write in a journal at this point

celebrating swimming laps for an hour straight last night and somehow not being sore today! amazing! 

eating nothing at the moment, but my new favorite lunch right now is mashed sweet potato and avocado sandwiches, seriously- so good! 

running about two to three times per week, I need another 5K to look forward to

hoping my parent/teacher conferences go well, the first ones of the year are always scary because I never know what to expect! 

anticipating meeting Katie's baby! my best friend is in labor RIGHT NOW and I'm blogging to distract myself from freaking out haha (only because she's been in labor for like multiple days at this point!)

planning to visit Katie and new baby tomorrow, assuming he comes by then! 

drinking warm tea again, hello fall!

missing all my funny and cute kiddos from last year, and my college roommate who I once told we never get earthquakes in Boston, of course she called me out on that today after our minor earthquake last night (which I didn't feel because I was driving home from swimming)

listening to the TV in the background, Eric is watching one of his crazy shows… maybe listening is the wrong word, I'm not really listening...

making to do lists! It's going to be a crazy couple of weeks. I'll be a happy girl come November 1st! 


Just for fun, answer a couple of these in the comments section! 


  1. heh, I have this post scheduled for tomorrow : ) I feeling stressed as well and hoping I get through this week! haha

  2. Eeeps so exciting your friend is in labour!!! I am feeling sore after my yoga class last night which is weird because I just came off doing THIRTY days of yoga and was rarely sore! I'm also pretty tired but rejuvenated after a long but very good day at work!

    Meme's are the best when you don't have a lot to say. haha

  3. I keep picking up other books and putting 11/22/63 aside! At this rate, I'm hoping to be done by the end of the YEAR. Ha.

  4. I am doing this on Friday! :)

    That is so exciting that Katie had her baby (I assume she did by now. Ha. Otherwise that is one record long labor experience!). I know that feeling of excitement and anticipation! My 2 best friends from college were in labor about 2 days apart and I was a total anxious wreck on those days! But it is so exciting when you hear from them and know they have a healthy baby!!

    11/22/63 intimidates me! Ha. Right now I am reading "Yes, Chef" which is a super interesting memoir written by a very successful chef! It's very interesting to learn more about life inside of these michelin rated restaurants!