Thursday, November 1, 2012

Music, Books and Looks of October/Goals for November

Well hello everyone, I am reemerging from a few days without internet. Yay! I have to admit over the weekend, I was TOTALLY not buying that Hurricane Sandy was going to be a big deal. Eric and I were at the Cape and I took this gorgeous picture of the calm before the storm...

IMG 7513

As I always am when I am stupid enough to question God/nature, Sandy came back to bite me in the bum. I had no school on Monday or Tuesday, the wind was CRAZY on Monday night and we lost power around 6:00pm on Monday and it didn't return until 4:00am today. On Wednesday at work we all had parent conferences and some had Halloween activities as well. When I got to work on Wednesday at 6:40 am (which is a full 2 hours before the kids arrive), a LOT of teachers were already there. Everyone was freaking out because we all expected to have Monday and Tuesday to get things done. I have to admit I was feeling calmer because I totally snuck in the building on Tuesday to print out report cards and set up for conferences, mine started at 7:20 and I didn't want to be totally unprepared. Of course I hadn't showered, so I put on my nicest work dress to make up for it haha. I did shower at swimming the night before I swear!

Anyway, October! 

I did well with my goals: I read a long book (849 pages!), I went to swimming class and challenged myself with crazy drills, and I signed up for a grad class and technically started it this week except for the technical difficulties :) I did not go to yoga. Oops. 


I don't have any new favorite songs at the moment, but I really like this kind of silly one right now: 

One More Drinking Song- Jerrod Niemann



I only read 2 books this month, which is my lowest number in a long, long time. But I purposely didn't set a number goal because I knew I would have parent conferences and report cards to manage and plus I wanted to read a really long book. That, I did, so yay! 

Sam s letters to jennifer

Another fun, super light read by James Patterson. It was a quick read but I definitely enjoyed it. 


11 22 63

My friend Sarah recommended this book to me and I knew it would be the perfect book for me to read since I wanted to try something longer this month. I ended up convincing Eric to read it at the same time and we had a little healthy competition going during this book- whoever would get ahead would torture the other by telling them just enough to be annoying. Fun times. It was also fun because we could talk about the book as we were reading it. Basically the plot is about a guy named Jake, who ends up going back in time and trying to stop the JFK assassination. It has a side love story as well. I really liked it and my ONLY complaint about the book was that I really don't think it NEEDED to be that long. In my defense, I'm really not good with long books and movies, they always can be shorter is my philosophy. 



I did not accomplish any amazing miles this month. I did a 5K earlier in the month, which was fun. Since then I've just been running a couple of times a week whenever I can fit it in. I haven't biked at all, but my swimming has been pretty good. 


No amazing looks this month unless you count my attempt yesterday to not look like I didn't shower… and my ridiculous amount spent at the JCrew outlet earlier in the month. Oh boy!


Goals for November

1. Plank 2 Minutes, 30 Seconds. I started a challenge on Tina's blog last week where I am trying to take my plank time, which is currently 1 minute and make it much longer. I'm hoping for 2 minutes by the end of the challenge, which is in a couple of weeks and then by the end of November I'd like to be at 2 minutes 30 seconds. I made it to 1 minute, 30 seconds the other day so I think I can accomplish this goal!

2. Read 4 Books. I have a goal to read 50 books this year and I'm at 42, so that means I need at least 4 each month until the end of the year. 

3. Run a 5K once a week. Not a race, but just actually run 3 miles, sometimes I get lazy when I don't have a race to be ready for, oops. 

4. Blog once a week. Yes, I am aim low but that would be an improvement over this month. 


Any goals for this month? Books you recommend? 





  1. Did you get the song I sent you? I'm a fan. I also love "Goodbye in her Eyes" by Zac Brown Band, "night Train" - new one by Jason Aldean and "Missin' You Crazy" by Jon Pardi. If you're looking for some country...

    Great job with your goals for not knowing what they where! haha

  2. Nice work on reading that LONG book. I don't do well with long books either. I am reading a long biography about Julia Child right now and I know it's going to be a REALLY slow read compared to the fiction I read. As far as book recs, have you read "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"? Or "The Language of Flowers"? Or "Loving Frank"? Those are all good! As is "The Moment" by Douglas Kennedy.

    I don't have any specific goals for November. It's goign to be a busy month for me between Julia Child night, 2 week long trips to Texas and California, and Thanksgiving!! I want to try to enjoy any downtime I have as much as possible!!

  3. That book sounds really interesting; I might have to check it out. I read Discovery of Witches in October clocking in just under 600 pages so I hear you on the long book thing. I'm reading "The Wednesdayy Sisters," which was recommended to me by Lisa and I love it so far! It's a bit lighter but also interesting so could be a good choice.

    Glad to hear that you are both ok in spite of the storm!

  4. ive sadly only been doing about 2 books a month right now all the months.. whoops. i get sucked in by the internet. glad you stayed save during the storm and im also loving goodbye in her eyes by zac brown band!

  5. You missed looks! :)

    I think 3 books is my sweet spot amount of book reading to do in a month. We'll see if I can get in four in November too though! I have a long list of books on hold at the library right now!

    1. Oh nevermind, I just saw your quick blurb about looks under miles :) haha

  6. I am currently reading "Gone Girl" and just finished "The Wednesday Sisters." Another book I read recently was "A Million Miles in a Thosuand Years" by Donald Miller. VERY GOOD!

    My goals this month:
    I'm participating in NaNoWriMo (National NOvel Writing Month) and hope to have a 50,000 page novel completed by Nov 30th :)

    I have also returned to my work out routine....with baby steps. I'm just going for walks with Welles for now--but hope to at least be jogging a bit by November 30th. (It has been really difficult to get back into the swing of things!)

    I am also encouraging myself to start wearing pants with a zipper and button again. Ha---weird goal? Well--I got pretty comfy throughout pregnancy and these 3 months of post partum. I need to realize that stretchy/comfy pants or leggins will not be the only pants I can wear for the rest of my life. So--I put on some old pre-prego jeans on Monday. A little tight---but I made it! More motivation to work out :)

  7. I really need to get back into reading! I've been finding some good lists lately and might have to check out the two you recommended!