Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Music, Books and Miles of September/Goals for October

The months continue to fly by! I still love this fun month recap from Lisa, so I'll do it again. I am skipping the looks because I don't have any interesting clothes at the moment :) 



I might as well rename this section Kelly's Country Music Selections of the month. Country music obsession continues. It's been an 11+ year love affair, so I think it's here to stay. 

Wanted- Hunter Hayes

Time is Love- Josh Turner

Ronan- Taylor Swift- Last week Caroline and I were swimming and got to talking about Taylor Swift. I said that I don't have anything particularly against her, I even kind of like her but I've never particularly loved any of her songs. Only a few days later my cousin posted this video on her Facebook wall and I think I may have found my Taylor Swift love. Hard to listen to this song without tears, consider yourself warned. 

What If She's an Angel?- Tommy Shane Steiner- This is a major flashback song from 2002. I was reading Erin's post about song flashback and I started looking at what songs were popular in 2002 to give me ideas. Had some fun with that as you can imagine :)




This was a good book- I really loved the characters. However, something about this author's writing style bothers me. I just felt like there was too much rambling in this book. Hard to explain!



I've been reading Jenna's blog on and off for the last three plus years, so I figured I would give her book a try. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. It was a quick read, I think I read it in a day, and I don't do that often. 


This was our Blogger Book Club selection this month. I absolutely loved this book, loved the characters, loved the description of the time period they lived in… could never have lived back then and so thankful I didn't have to. I would've been one miserable housewife, I'll tell you that much. 


 The latest Rizzoli and Isles book met my expectations. It was crazy, they always are. 


This was my favorite book I read this month. I've been looking forward to reading this book for months ever since I read and loved Violets of March and Bungalow. It met and maybe exceeded my expectations and I think was my favorite book by Sarah Jio so far. I wish that she could write books faster because I love reading them :) 



Unfortunately I didn't accurately track my miles this month so I can't see if there was improvement over August. I would guess there was not since I was so much busier this month. However, on the fitness front I did finish my third triathlon (which I still have not done a recap of, blogger fail). I also continued to run because I am planning to do the Red Bandana 5K in a few weeks. 


As far as my goals in September, I did a pretty good job. I was able to keep up with reading and working out despite being back to real world living. I also had a goal to remain calm and positive. I'm not going to go crazy and say I managed this all the time, but I did try really hard to bring myself back to calm/positivity in difficult times. I had a tough time with the kiddos this month, but I've really tried to keep my attitude in check at all times. When I go into the day focused on the strengths of the kids in my class, rather than the struggles, I find the day goes a lot better for all of us. 


Goals for October

1. Read at least 1 long book. I've been flying through my books lately and I'm 3 books ahead on my goal to read 50 this year. I think this gives me some wiggle room to read a super long book this month. My friend gave me a recommendation so, I'll let you know if it happens! 

2. Challenge myself in swimming. I'm taking a stroke development class starting next Tuesday, so hopefully this will help :) 

3. Go to yoga… once. Seriously I need to aim low! 

4. Sign up for a masters class. I got a free voucher for a class last year because I had a student teacher. I am 3 credits away from Masters plus 15, so I need to sign up for (and take) a class. It's so hard to motivate myself to go back to school these days. I like my free time and pleasure reading so much. But I'm going to do it. Hold me to it! 


What are your goals for this month? Do you enjoy taking classes? 


  1. You had a great month!! I cannot wait to read Blackberry Winter. I just got the notice that it is in at the library and I am sure I will devour it!

    That voucher system sounds awesome!!!! What a great way to earn more credits toward a Masters. I do enjoy classes, but I am getting towards the burn out point and ready to be DONE and be on my own with my own kids!

    Today in my primary lit methods class we watched a video of a kindergarten teacher and I thought of you. :) I loved the class and it actually made me want to teach K a little bit!

  2. Ugh I HATE Taylor Swift's Never getting back together song so I have been boycotting her lately. Will have to check out this other song though!

    I am requesting the Wednesday Sisters at the library since all you girls have absolutely raved about it! And that's good to know about Jenna's book, I didn't realize it was out now. I quit reading her blog just over a year ago but I would like to read her book I think!

  3. I personally love Taylor Swift, which is funny because there are so many people who hate her. I haven't heard that Roman song, though. I will have to check it out!

    You read a lot of great books last month! I am so excited to read Blackberry Winter this month.

    My goal for October is to, well, survive. Sounds like an awful goal, but I am gone about 15 days of the month traveling, possibly more as I might have to go to Denver at the end of the month. I have such little free time and then am training for a marathon and trying to date on top of all of that. Clearly I have lost my mind. ;) If only I didn't have to sleep, maybe I would feel less stressed. ;)

  4. I tried to comment on this yesterday, but I don't think it worked - so here we go. I love that song lish posted by Taylor Swift. Come to yoga with me sometime soon!

  5. I love taking classes!

    I am not a fan of Jenna's blog, but I think I want to read her book. It sounds good!