Sunday, June 3, 2012

A New Month, A New Way to Blog!

Hello friends! I got a new toy! I'm. Hoping to only bring this new iPad with me to Seattle and Vancouver next month which means I have to learn now how to use it for blogging. I thought today's post would be a good place to start because it won't need many photos if any at all... I really have no idea where to start actually getting pictures on the iPad.

May Goals Recap

1. Fitness goals: Finish sprint triathlon. Make it to yoga at least once. Build up to 50 laps in the pool. Believe it or not, I basically met all of these goals! I finished the sprint tri and did make it to one yoga class (see I told you I can not aim too high haha). I did not exactly make it to 50 laps in the mon of May but I did do it this morning so I'll go ahead and count it!

2. Figure out summer plans. Well, no. I failed at this, but the good news is, June starts summer so I'll have to figure things out this month!

3. Read! I didn't set a specific number but I did make it through four books this month. I finally finished Dry Grass of August which was tough for me to get through for some reason, I think I was hoping it would be like The Help and it just never met my expectations as a result. I also read More Like Her (recommended by Nora and very good), Catching Fire (second Hunger Games book and I think I liked it slightly better than the first one) and The Good Father.

4. Host or plan a party. Is there such a thing as going way too far on a goal? If so, I've done it with this goal! I had a big work party at my house on Friday and I'm currently planning two more parties: one is a breakfast at work and the other is my birthday party which I'm hoping is going to be super low key! Oh well, party number one went really well and I'm very glad I decided to have it.

June Goals

It's hard to believe that I will be recapping how I do with these goals from the Pacific Northwest! Feels like we have been planning this trip forever!

1. Enjoy the last few weeks of school. Its no secret that I absolutely love my class this year and one girl in particular that I have now had for two years. I also have a couple of friends and a wonderful classroom assistant/friend who will be leaving after this school year. I haven't really had to say goodbye to any good friends at work until this year and I'm really not looking forward to it. Despite the fact that I have one million things to do before the year ends I really, really just want to enjoy these moments with the kids and my friends.

2. Fitness goals: Do Eric's crazy an boot camp at least five times. Build up to 60 laps in the pool. Go to yoga once.

3. Blog 2 times per week. I don't ever want blogging to be a chore but sometimes I think if I don't make it at least a priority I won't do it at all" so I'll try to work on that this month!

4. Figure out how to operate this here iPad. Yes I do know how to work the basics but I have already had a couple of times where I didn't know how to do something so I decided to just simply get out my computer. So I just want to learn how to use this thing at least well enough to take it on a trip with me without my computer.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. What are your goals for this month?

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  1. Yay for the iPad! What are the dates you are going to be in Seattle?! I would LOVE to try and get up there while you are there and meet up, but it depends on if John will be around because I'm not ready to do a trip like that with Grace alone!

  2. Love your goals! This year I'm not doing the triathlon, but I wish you luck with yours. It's a lot of fun (although I didn't technically do it last year, I skipped the swimming....I shouldn't have though!).
    Thanks for the list of books, as always. I love getting new suggestions.

  3. You did great in the month of May. And you are a party planning maven these days! :) A low key birthday party sounds perfect to me!

    My goals for June are to relax, enjoy life, and catch up with friends/family that I've neglected for the last 5 months! Oh, and I want to run over 100 miles, which I don't think I will have trouble accomplishing since I ran 89 last month while studying!

  4. Oooh how exciting you got an iPad. I kind of want to get one but don't really NEED one so can't exactly justify the purchase. Lol!

    We hosted friends for dinner last night and it was a lot of fun. I would love to host a party but our little townhouse is only big enough for like 8-10 people max for a long period of time. Though that would be a decent size party I suppose!

  5. Oh, we need to register for the Hyannis Tri! I really want to do it!!

    Also, I want to do Eric's bootcamp it sounds fun in a deathly kind of way.

  6. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now.

  7. Oooh an iPad, how exciting! I admit to wanting one. I have an iPhone and it's just too tiny most of the time. I really prefer my computer. The only thing I think I would want with the iPad is a full keyboard. Have you encountered that need or are you okay with the touch screen?

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