Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When Your Friends Have Babies...

Anyone else watch How I Met Your Mother? Well, I do... and I tend to reference it often (though probably not as often as Friends). I was pretty happy the whole day that one of my students was wearing a shirt that said "legendary" on it. ANYWAY, now I'm going to launch into a story where you may think that I think these people are my real friends, but here it goes: last night on How I Met Your Mother Lily and Marshall had a baby. Ted said when your friends have babies and you start thinking of them as parents, you immediately flash back to absurd things they have done in the past, for example when Lily pretend to be pregnant to steal a six pack of beer from a convenient store and when Marshall decided to staple himself with a staple gun. How could those two be parents..?!

WELL, I've mentioned a lot of my friends are having babies, right? Clearly it follows that soon many of my friends will be parents, and perhaps I will start to have flashbacks of the more questionable decisions they have made in their lives. In fact, one of my friends, specifically one of my absolute best friends in middle school and beyond had a baby almost two weeks ago now. She has been a parent for almost two weeks. Whoa. Now, if I was going to go by the How I Met Your Mother theory (which I generally do), I would start flashing back to all the ridiculous things she did in her younger days...

t2 018.jpg

Isn't it funny though, that I really can't think of one single story that doesn't implicate me in some way... oops :) Seriously though, the vast majority of our rebellion involved pretending to be doing homework so we could talk on the phone for another hour and me e-mailing Tiff a paper I had wrote with the subject "you know you love me," only to later end up in her teacher's inbox somehow... good times. Maybe the more incriminating stories will have to wait for her second baby...

Speaking of the baby, she's adorable, and no I don't call all babies adorable :) Plus, she won me over immediately by not crying when I held her. Thanks Lia for not making me more scared than I already am about having kids.



I already love you and can't wait to see what personality you will bring to the world. Hopefully one that involves breaking your mom and my phone conversation record. And making up dances to Spice Girls songs. Who am I kidding? There probably won't be phones or any memory of Spice Girls by the time you are a teenager.


  1. I used to LOATHE that show, but have to admit, it's grown on me...

    The first of my high school friends just got married and I expect most of the others to follow suit in the next couple of years, so it probably won't be too long before babies follow. I'm struggling to picture us all hanging out together 10 years from now while our kids play out in the yard.

  2. Oh my gosh, those are beautiful pictures of you & Lia! Many of my close friends have become mothers over the last couple of years. It's been great because now I have more faux nieces and nephews. :) It is funny to think of the things we did when we were younger - and now we are these responsible adults with children to provide for! Ahem, they are are responsible adults, I still don't have to care for someone else, which is probably good. ;)

    I love HIMYM. It is the only show I watch these days! I was shocked by the ending!!!

  3. Okay I skipped over the first half of this post because I haven't watched the most recent HIMYM yet! But cute pictures : ) I'm sure by the time she's a teenager she'll be talking to her friend telepathically. heh : )

  4. Awwww, how sweet! I love HIMYM too and that episode was pretty epic, how are we ever going to wait for the next season?!

    In our group of five really close girlfriends, the first of us is pregnant right now, and another one is trying really hard. It's definitely weird. I don't feel old enough or mature enough for us to start having babies!

  5. I just watched that episode this morning! So good :0)

  6. So cute! Look at all that hair!!

    None of my friends have babies. Thank god, I'm not ready for that yet! Haha. Though I'm pretty sure one of my very best friends will be a mother within the next 2 years because she is DYING to have babies.

    On that note, I have a theory that waiting until you're in your 30's to have babies makes you age better. I have recently met three people (two of which are my new coworkers) that are almost 40 with young families (had babies in their early-mid thirties)and they all look FABULOUS and like they are 30. On the other hand, I know people who had kids when they were 22 and are now almost 40 and they look much older!

    This theory is completely my own, but it's giving me justification to wait at least another 6 years to have kids :D

  7. I was just talking to Nick about how my Facebook page has changed dramatically in the last two years...there are babies all over it!! And I'm sure we're next (haha, jk). Congrats to your friend, what a cutie!! You look great with a baby in your arms. You next??? :)

  8. I love that show! And Lia is a doll. Kids, aren't all that bad, they give you great excuses for doing what you want but no one can get mad because it's cuz of the kid! ;)

  9. Great photo!

    Personally, I like to share the stories of their parents when they're still too young to know what the words mean, that way when they're older, they can't say, "YOU NEVER TOLD ME THAT!!"

    I sure did young grasshopper. It's not my fault you were trying to nurse from my accessory-only-not-functional-boobs while I did.