Thursday, June 21, 2012

Two Days in a Row

Look at me, two blog posts in a row. Lisa did this and I thought it was fun so I'm doing it too. I'd link so you could check out hers but I have not yet figured out how I can link to text on my iPad, oops.

Maybe I should blog more!
I love my family, my friends, my kindergarten students
People would say that I'm a hard worker
I don't understand people who are close minded
When I wake up in the morning I am already hungry
I lost my childhood teddy bear, Snuggles
Life is full of hilarious moments
My past is full of memories
I get annoyed when people only care about themselves
Parties are a lot of fun, especially when they start and end early :)
I wish I had more money for trips and time in each day!
Dogs are like kids, awesome to visit but not something I want to own at the moment :)
Cats are kind of creepy, haha
Tomorrow I'm going to a rehearsal dinner and seeing more of the NJ shore
I have a low tolerance for anyone or anything interrupting my sleep schedule
I'm totally terrified of certain driving situations particularly when I'm in a crazy driving area and have no idea where I'm going
I wonder why I can't sleep late
Never in my life have I driven and or rode in a car more than about six hours at a time, I like road trips in theory...
High school was a good time, I was lucky to have some great friends, many I am still friends with
When I'm nervous in the car, I grab my seat belt (can you tell I was driving through New Jersey today?)
One time at a family gathering... I got nothin... Haha
Take my advice and avoid eating lobster on a first date, it gets super messy! (no I didn't ever do this but I have done it while married and I'm just saying its not a good first date food, plus it's expensive and it's best to at least appear like a cheap date, ha)
Making my bed is a complete waste of time
I'm almost always happy
I'm addicted to my computer, iPad, iPhone, camera and kindle, so basically everything that involves a cord... Oh and also frozen yogurt
I want some to invent a beaming device so I can teleport anywhere I want to go.

Your turn, answer one of these in the comments, or at least tell me what you are up to this weekend.

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  1. Ha, I am addicted to things w/ cords, too. ;) Thanks for playing along - these were fun to read! I like the idea of road trips, as well, but do NOT like the actual process of driving anywhere. I haven't taken a long trip in years. I used to drive to Chicago with my parents every year to visit my brother, but I've ever stopped doing that as the drive just kills me!!

  2. ha, i copied lisa today as well. ;) i really want dessert.