Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Looking Backward, Looking Forward...

I guess it's safe to say that I totally failed at posting twice a week in the month of June. Oops. Anyway, this week I've had a little time but I was struggling with what to actually write about. Then Lisa reminded me of her awesome looking forward posts, so I decided to do a variation of that including a look back since I haven't been around these parts much in the last month :)

By the way, do you like my new blog design? I am in love with it and it was all done by my amazing sister. Check out her blog and you can have a fun new design too.

Looking Back
Today I went to a professional development about writing instruction, tutored an awesome and hilarious kid and went to dinner for Katie's birthday. Great day!
Earlier this week I started my first official week of summer. I tutored some kids, I went on a long bike ride with Kathy and I visited Tiff and baby Lia. As much as I complain about tutoring (and I've already started, ask Eric), I do love that it allows me to make some money while also spending some quality time with friends and family.

Last week was my last week of school. It was a crazy week- so many things had to be done, and so many goodbyes were said. However, I did get a special visit from a former student who moved and is now almost in fifth grade (my first class will be in sixth grade next year!). I also got many fun presents and super sweet cards...


Earlier this month I had a successful birthday BBQ. Eric and I have never actually had an outdoor party before because we are usually busy/at the Cape in the summer. But this year I decided to just go ahead and do it. Although I had a minor freak out earlier in the week about hosting two parties in a row, I ended up really enjoying the preparation for the party as well as the party itself.



Looking Forward

This Weekend is the first of three wedding weekends in a row! I'm excited!!!!

This Month we leave for our awesome Seattle/Vancouver/Sunshine Coast trip. I did a lot more planning for this trip last weekend. I booked our train ride up to Vancouver and our hotel there. I also fixed my Sunshine Coast hotel because I accidentally had two hotels booked for one night- one in Vancouver and one on the coast. Luckily everyone I have talked to in Vancouver has been incredibly nice. I can't wait to visit! I also started to research things I want to do in each place. I'm less concerned about Seattle since my college roommate will be showing us around but I am hoping to see Pike Place Market, orca whales, possibly a little of the Olympic Peninsula, the first Starbucks and everything else that Ash talked about all through college. We shall see how that goes! As for Vancouver, I am psyched to see the whole waterfront, Stanley Park, and Capilano Suspension Bridge. If you've been to either place, please add any other must see/do's to the list!

This Year I am looking forward to some upcoming family trips, Caroline (hopefully) returning to Boston, my friends Katie and Timna having cute babies, and my new class (also hopefully) not being crazy.... really, I just hope, I have no idea what they will be like.

Fill me in on some great things that have happened to you in the past month and/or what you are looking forward to this year.


  1. Kelly, I love the new blog look!! It's so you! The pink says it all :)
    I'm jealous of your summer off (although I can't complain because my hours at work are great). I wish I did have THIS particular summer off to do more wedding planning, but I'm taking it day by day. You've got some great travel destinations coming up...Vancouver? How fun! For us it's just planning for the big day in NC!

  2. Your new blog design looks awesome! Caroline did an AWESOME job! I need to get my act together and think about a new blog design. I actually might change my blog's name, which makes me a little nervous for some reason!

    I am REALLY looking forward to my vacation. I have 7 work days left until I am free for a blissful 1.5 weeks! I really can not wait. I am already making a packing list and planning outfits. Which probably sounds crazy, but I will be at my parents' lake home June 30th - the morning of July 5th, and then I fly out the afternoon of July 5th, so I am trying to figure out a way for my outfits for the 2 trips to not overlap too much!

    3 weddings 3 weekends in a row - wow!

  3. Love the new look! Congrats on summer break :)

  4. The fact that you have weddings 3 weekends in a row and mine is the third weekend and this is the first weekend for a wedding FREAKS ME OUT. It still does not feel real. At all.

    I'm excited to see YOU soon! I am going to make plans for Saturday morning brunch in Vancouver this weekend so make sure you keep that morning flexible when planning out all your fun stuff!

    You and Eric should also look into going to Grouse Mountain and climbing it. It's an INTENSE 2 km climb up a mountain, "mother natures stair climber" it's been called. But it's a very 'Vancouver' thing to do!!

    See you SO SOON!

  5. Love the new blog look! I have NOT been a good blogger lately...well I've been updating my family blog more often than Sneaker Teacher...but that happens. Oh well. It's summer! I am excited to hear/read about your trip to Seattle and Vancouver!

  6. Caroline is DEFINITELY (not hopefully) coming to Boston. Wooohooo!! I loved this post so much I think I'll do my own.
    But first:
    1. I love that dress on you
    2. I'm super jealous of your west coast adventure
    3. I miss the cape

  7. That is a very cute blue dress! Can't wait to hear about your adventures this summer!