Friday, April 22, 2011

Scenes from Relaxation and Stir Crazyness

Happy Friday everyone :) And Happy Easter if you celebrate it. First things first, my BFF Katie is in a contest for Best Love Story. If she and her husband win, she gets a replica of the royal ring which is pretty cool! Katie has had a very rough and stressful few months, so winning this contest would really make her smile... so if you want to make Katie happy and therefore me happy, you can vote for her and her husband Adam here. You either like or tweet about it to vote (this confused me at first).

I had vacation this week. Usually April break is my favorite. It's the only one where I don't have a ton of work to get done, and the weather is usually nice. This week I had a terrible cold and the weather was not really nice at all, but it was still a much needed, restful week and so I am thankful. But I am kind of ready to stop coughing... anytime now would be great.

Other than sleeping a lot, reading and reading lots of blogs, we've done a few other fun things this week...

Last Saturday I went to a bridal shower for Eric's cousin and his fiance. Erin and I got them scuba diving lessons off their honeymoon registry. I love honeymoon registries. I made a fun page to tell them modeled after one we got for our wedding made by my friend Christina.


The happy couple were rock stars at opening gifts. I think they set some kind of speed record.


I may have taken a fake picture of Chris with his best man pretending it was the two of them getting married. I think he deserves some extra points for coming to an all-woman shower. Not that I think he minded at all...


I don't have a picture of myself from the shower, which is really for the better because I was on more Sudafed than I care to mention.

While I was hanging with the girls at the bridal shower, Eric was at an engagement party for another of his friends and there was another CAKE BOSS CAKE (you may remember they also had a Cake Boss cake for their 30th bday party last year). Eric knows how much I love it so he SO NICELY (best husband ever) got me a piece...


By Monday I was starting to feel like a relatively normal human so Eric and I headed to Sandwich to go to the Green Briar Jam Kitchen and Nature Center. It's the place that inspired the author of Peter Cottontail (Here Comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail...) not to be confused with Peter Rabbit who I almost thought they were talking about haha. My 4th grade teacher who spent a million days of 4th grade teaching me about Beatrix Potter (the author of Peter Rabbit) would not be impressed!



The next day, we tried to do another short walk in Brewster on a boardwalk, but we quickly learned the high tide was going to beat us...


By Wednesday we gave up on trying to walk or deal with the cold and rainy weather and decided to resort to beer drinking. Eric and I enjoy our relaxation, but we were getting a little stir crazy! Look at the tiny beer Eric accidentally ordered...


After this we needed a little more so we ordered a flight of different beers. My two were Blue Moon and Sea Dog Blueberry Beer. I liked the blueberry the best, I seriously love blueberry beer.


Do you notice that the second from right beer is leaning on the second from left? Yeah, I decided to take out that second from left one first and let's just say it was not pretty.

Oh yea, I also got a delicious sandwich at British Beer Company, it was a veggie sandwich (zucchini, summer squash, eggplant and marinara sauce) and sweet potato fries. Yum.


The last part of an amusing week came last night when my family came down to start the Easter celebrations. It was my brother's 20th birthday yesterday (my parents officially made it through the teenage years!) and we went to our favorite Japanese restaurant. Without anyone noticing, my dad told the restaurant it was his birthday and they did a whole big embarrassing singing thing. The best part about it is, they literally shut off all the lights in the restaurant and say "Attention everyone! Could you please help us sing Happy Birthday..." haha. I was actually scared for a minute haha...


Good times. Tomorrow we will have Easter dinner and then Sunday we drive home to do Easter #2 with Eric's family.

If you celebrate Easter, what are you up to this weekend? If not, what are you up to anyway?


  1. A+ to Eric for bringing you a piece of that cake!
    I'm hanging out this weekend with nowhere to go. Patrick is working in NH and I'm stuck here in ME. :-( Total bummer. Oh well! Have a good Easter!

  2. cake boss cake?! awesome!!

  3. haha i like eric and his small beer!

  4. I don't usually like beer, but I do like Blue Moon! I hope you have a great Easter weekend!

  5. I still can't get over the fact that I basically met the Cake Boss, but still have not tried his cake!! Yeah, they were all gone by the time I even got to the table. But that was so nice of Eric to bring you a piece!! know me, I'm totally laughing at that picture of Eric with the beer!! It is TINY in his hands! I love it.

    Today Nick and I will go to his mom's house for a nice Eater brunch. It's the first year I haven't been with my family :(

  6. Cake Boss Cake? YUM. And jealous. And more yum.

  7. I hope you are cough-free soon! Coughs are so annoying!

    Looks like a great week off & weekend! I had a great weekend. My sister & her husband flew in and surprised us! My parents were the only ones in on it! So all 5 of us kids were together - which does not happen very often! I had a great time hanging out with my nephews and catching up with my siblings/in-laws.

  8. Sounds like a nice week, too bad about the cough though. Coughs are the worst. That's what I had a couple of weeks ago and then this weekend I got a fever/stomach flu. NOT fun at all.