Sunday, April 10, 2011

Make Ahead Sunday

Good morning all. It's a beautiful weekend here so I hope you are enjoying similar weather wherever you are :)

I haven't posted in awhile so here are my random Sunday thoughts...

Why do weekends go by so fast?

I totally voted for this Blogger Book Club selection but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to finish it, I hate it so much. I don't remember if ever before I have wanted to reach into a book and smack a character... is that normal?

I had my first ever massage yesterday. I got an $80 massage for $35 at Asi Texeria in Davis Square (located in Samara Yoga Studio). I'm not a big massage person at all (hence why I've never had one) but my back has been really bothering me so I thought it was worth a try. It did go well, but it's still not my favorite way to spend money. If you do like massages though, I would recommend Asi.

After my massage, I went into Starbucks for my first iced Passion Tea of the season. While there I noticed a ton of Tufts University students sitting on laptops. Inside staring at a computer on one of the nicest days of spring so far. It was then that I realized I literally NEVER want to be in school again. I'm so over it.

Good weather and frozen yogurt cures all. Especially frozen yogurt with pink spoons.


In other news, Make Ahead Sunday

I'll admit it now, I'm not ACTUALLY a fan of cooking. I do it out of necessity because I believe it's the cheapest and healthiest way to eat. I also prefer the taste of homemade meals to frozen and take out for the most part. Since I cook out of necessity, rather than pleasure, I like meals that can be made quickly and produce a lot of leftovers. With lunch in particular, I tend to make something on Sunday and eat it for the rest of the week for lunch.

Today I am testing out a recipe from The Simple Dollar (which by the way, if you don't read this blog you should, it's great). It's called Slow Cooker Jamaican Red Bean Stew. Since The Simple Dollar is a money blog, you can be sure it's going to be a cheap meal and it's also ridiculously easy. It took me about 15 minutes to cut up the veggies and throw them into the slow cooker. Now it's just cooking and making the house smell delicious while I go about my day :)


It smells amazing so I can only imagine it will taste amazing, but I'll let you know for sure in my next post. I love lazy-man's meals that will feed me all week.

Other things I enjoy making on Sunday and eating all week include:

  • Pizza with tomato sauce, veggies (usually carrots, zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms) and black beans.

  • Quinoa or Harvest Grain Mix (from Trader Joes) mixed with veggies, beans and topped with mango.

  • Hummus- I like lemon garlic, roasted red pepper and Eric's amazing sweet potato hummus the best.

It summary, I like to take some kind of bread/grain and mix in a bunch of beans and veggies haha.

Do you make ahead meals on Sunday? If so, what do you make? What are you all up to this weekend?


  1. Yum! That soup looks really good. I haven't made anything in my crock pot for months! I should make that as I love soups. I usually make big meals on Saturday or Sunday night so i have leftovers for the week. This week I am making beef stroganoff. I have never made it before, but when i came across the recipe in my GF cookbook last night I thought it sounded good. :)

    I am the one who SUGGESTED Sammy's Hill. I hated it. I did finish it, but had I not been the one who picked it (and agreed to do a guest post) I probably would have abandoned it. She is a super duper annoying character who needs to have some sense knocked into her...

  2. I don't usually make meal ahead on Sundays, but I do grocery shop on the weekend and I try to wash and prep all my fruits and veggies ahead of time.
    And I love massages. I'm treating myself to one as soon as I'm done defending my thesis. :-)

  3. You're good, I wish I could get on top of making things ahead of time. I always mean to, just never do it :(
    I'm glad your first massage experience was at least a good one!

  4. I've only had 1-2 massages - did it help your back? I'm a fan of the foam roller massage!

    I'm making a frittata right now that I hope will last a few meals this week - at least for Matt's lunch.

    There. Happy? Haha

    Now I need to go catch up on all your posts.

  6. I love to prep food on Sundays so I don't have to worry about it on those too-short weekday evenings. I also love fro-yo!

  7. I'm actually making multiple things ahead today (which is my "sunday"). Today I'm making granola, PBJ for Nick's lunches, popsicles for our evening snacks, and possibly some homemade yogurt! Oh, and salmon and quinoa!!
    I hear the Barilla pasta is really delicious. Many of my clients say that's all they use! I've never tried it though. Yesterday I tried quinoa pasta for the first time. IT was really tasty.

  8. Colin HATES massages, which I think is pure crazy talk. I'd ask a stranger on the street to rub my back if that wasn't super creepy.