Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fitness Updates

It's April.... WAHOO. In case anyone was wondering, April is an awesome month. Why?

-Spring actually hits in Boston in April. By spring I mean nice weather with the occasional snow storm...-Easter and April vacation- April vacation is the BEST vacation of the year- no report cards to write :) -Kindergartners start to "get it" in April. By "it" I mean life in school. By "kindergartners" I mean some of them :) My kids LOVE reading right now though, and that to me = the best. Plus they are starting to tell jokes...

student: I am not coming to school tomorrow!!!me: oh yeah?student: April Fools!!!!!!!!!

Okay so the joke would've been SLIGHTLY better if not told on a Friday, but hey! I didn't say their jokes make sense yet!

In other news, I have 2 fun fitness updates for you guys.


#1- I registered for one of the Great Hyannis Road Races! Caroline did the half marathon last year and is doing it again. There is no possible way I can even pretend to do a half marathon at the moment but I decided to challenge myself a bit with the 7.2 miler (and by a bit I mean a lot, I've never run more than 5 miles!). This is probably not the BEST idea I've ever had given that a 5K is a challenge for me at this point (because my body = hates running). However, if I have to walk, I walk- at least I know a half marathon is also happening at the same time so I can't be the VERY last person right? I've never done a race longer than a 5K so I can take a casual Sunday walk and still PR. Mwahaha. Think positive thoughts of my knee and back not rebelling against this decision.

#2- I am about to buy a Passport to Prana which allows me to try a bunch of different Boston area yoga studios for $30. I'll be blogging about my adventures at all the new studios. This also may not the BEST idea seeing as I've literally NEVER been to a yoga class I liked at anywhere besides my current amazing studio but yoga is expensive and this is a good deal so I'm going to take the risk. If I'm going to be training to walk/run 7.2 miles I'm going to need some serious yoga. Man I should really stick to 5Ks.

Anyway what is going on in your fitness world? I know Katie and Lisa are both running half marathons today so go visit their blogs to cheer them on!


  1. Thats awesome! You'll do great in the race. I want to do the Falmouth Road Race this summer. It's also 7.2 miles. Nothing like running by the ocean to keep you going!

  2. You will nail that race. Just listen to your body and dont worry about being last...people enter these races to only walk.

  3. My foot is starting to feel back to normal again so I can start incorporating a lot more fitness activities into my life . . . feeling excite!!!

  4. i think that race is a great challenge for you to tackle! i bet you surprise yourself :)

  5. Thanks for the shout out! The race was fun and I will post about it at some point today, but I need to rest up a bit!

  6. Whoo! You can do it!! 7.2 miles is an AWESOME, attainable goal! Can't wait to follow your training.

    I have heard lots about this passport to prana thing (did you know they have studios in Vancouver?) and I think it's a great idea! Honestly, the more yoga you do the more you will like it (hopefully, that's what happened for me anyways!)

  7. The race sounds neat. I really liked the 10K distance and I think 7.2 would be a good distance.
    And I really miss yoga in my life. Maybe I'll hit up a class this week. :-)

  8. I'm actually working on a fitness post. I always get such great energy around this time. I bought new shoes and an elliptical and now all I need is some more yoga in my life. I'd love to buy a pass so I could go anywhere around town! Great idea.

  9. YES PASSPORT TO PRANA! Does this mean you will be trying out the Newton Prana/coming to get me/bringing me to yoga? Awesome. I knew it.

  10. I laughed at your strolling/PR comment. :) That's awesome. It is nice to do a distance for he first time so you can snag that PR, though.

    thanks for the shout out! After that race, I think I need to take a mini-break from running...

  11. The Hyannis road race is a good one! I ran it last year but not sure about this year...maybe a duathlon in Bourne....I will probably be there though since a friend is running! So fun!

  12. In my fitness world, I'm training for a triathlon. Yes, me. I can barely run to the end of the driveway, but I'm doing it!

    I found you randomly by googling fitness and biking blogs. I'm also from the Boston area and I sure has hell wear a Red Sox cap too! Had to follow!