Sunday, October 31, 2010

You're Up and You're Down

I'm not going to lie to you, I've had a weird weekend...

On Friday night I indulged in a delicious new-to-me restaurant called L'Andana , including some of my favorites...



and apple crisp...


I might have told Eric there is nothing in the world I love more than apple crisp. Oops.

Saturday began with some BC tailgating...



BC Football watching...



While tailgating, I learned that Katie became an aunt! Her brother and his wife had a little baby girl. Yay!

Next on the plate, I finally showed my grandmother the scrapbook that Caroline made me of wedding pictures and then headed to a 6 month memorial mass for my former student who passed away last year, N.

The mass was sad, but it was nice to see all of N.'s family and friends (many of whom were also my students). Since N. was an organ donor who saved 6 people, the priest read letters from the recipients and their families thanking N. and his family. Seriously, if you are not an organ donor now, BECOME ONE. If an 9 year old can save 6 lives, what could you do?

After mass we wrote letters to N., attached them to balloons and sent them into the sky.


The kids loved it. I kinda loved it too.

Obviously the mood I was in after this did not scream pink hair and sequin dress, but that is where my night lead...


In case it's not clear- cuz it's probably not, I am Katy Perry... not because I particularly like her (though she's fine) but because I wanted an excuse to wear a sequin dress and a pink wig. My friend Sarah had a housewarming/Halloween party and I had a lot of fun catching up with her and my other high school (and elementary school/middle school) best bud Susanne who just finally moved back to Boston after 8 years away, yay!

Eric and I had to divide and conquer last night because his best friend had a Halloween Party too. I don't even have a picture of our costumes together because Eric left for his party before I got home from N.'s mass. Oh well, you don't need any pictures of Eric in a kilt, do you?

So Saturday was CLEARLY all over the place. Today was less crazy obviously, but I did learn that my friend Tiff's dog had a seizure last night and really isn't doing well, so if praying is your thing... please help :) You remember this guy right?


So, to summarize, this weekend I: ate yummy food, went to a BC game, learned Katie is an aunt, showed my Nana my wedding scrapbook, went to a memorial service, dressed up as Katy Perry, learned sad news about Tiff's dog and now I'm giving out candy to a lot of Mario's, an Oreo cookie, Cinderella, a Christmas tree and a ton of other unidentified kiddos. Good thing a Katy Perry song describes my weekend so well. That's no coincidence kids.

Tell me your BEST Halloween costume as a kid. Also, tell me some good news. Anything good, I'll take :)


  1. definitely an eventful weekend for you! good news? i'm SO EXCITED to hand out candy for my first ever trick or treaters!!!

  2. at least you are getting trick or treaters - the numbers are dwindling here... parents must be lame these days going to "trunk or treat" instead. not to mention the sunday-night dilemma they were up in arms over this year. umm, it's on a school night the majority of the time... and does it bother you that some kids grab huge handfuls and don't say thanks? hello, manners! i'm turning into a grandma.

  3. Wow your weekend was very up and down! OK, since this blog post mentioned a lot of things my comment is going to be bullet-style to sufficiently express everything I'm thinking about:

    1. I also love apple crisp more than most things in the world.

    2. I'm sorry to hear about the memorial, that's really sad. But it is SO COOL to hear how his organs saved 6 lives that's so amazing!

    3. I think you make a pretty good Katy Perry.

    4. I'm definitely sending good thoughts towards your friend and her dog - having a sick pet is the worst :(

  4. oh what a special memorial service

  5. oh i miss going to football games...amazing amazing that he was able to save so many others. I think people need to know that about organ donation, it's a great thing.

    hmm best kid costume was the peter pan one that my grandma sewed for me

  6. Wow! What a busy weekend! Cute halloween outfit!

  7. Yeah that's an up and down weekend if I ever heard one.. I like that picture of us, send it to me? In large, not freakishly-small-mac-style, please : )

    Love the hair ps.

  8. You weren't kidding about a busy weekend!

    N's memorial must have been awfully said but what a wonderful tribute to read letters from the families who received life-saving organs.

  9. fun weekend!!! love the costumes!! oh man i give you credit for standing out on the cold!

  10. We were at the BC game, too! Unfortunately for my fiance (who went to Clemson) BC won. At least it went well for you!

  11. Aww, a seizure?! That's awful. It's so crazy how dogs can have the same health problems as humans. I have a friend who's dog is on INSULIN!! Yikes. And another who's dog is on depression meds.

    Love your costume. Even though I'm not at all into Katie Perry, like you said, the wig and dress are great! And of course pink is SO YOU.

    My best childhood costume was Edward Scissorhands. It was awesome. My mom helped me put it together and we did such a great job!! Everyone loved it.