Monday, October 11, 2010

Live the Life You Love

Hello Dudes and Dudettes... probably more dudettes, and Eric + Dad haha.

I finally have both my computer AND my camera cord wahoo. I have full out plans to blog every night this week so...wish me luck and check back :)

Today will start with my fabulous weekend. On the way home today Eric and I saw a bumper sticker that said, "Live the Life You Love." The life I love = 3 day weekends at the Cape. Have I mentioned every weekend should be 3 days? I'm sure no one disagrees...

Yesterday was the highlight of the weekend- Eric, Katie, Adam and I decided to take a day trip up to Provincetown. Eric and I went once about 5 years ago, but we haven't been back since. On the way up we stopped at a place that was recommended on Phantom Gourmet as a restaurant that serves lobster rolls that just have plain lobster, no mayo- aka lobster roll the Kelly way. The place is called Arnold's and it's in Eastham. I'd totally recommend it, it's a great casual, outside/inside seafood place and even though it's one of those order and then sit down places, they have a liquor license so if you go for dinner you can enjoy some drinks, and some ice cream after :) We just went for lunch so I got a delish lobster roll...


Lobster meat really speaks for itself people, there is no need for mayo.

First stop in Ptown? The Pilgrim Monument...DSC06517.JPG

We climbed to the top... (just around the time Lisa and Amber were finishing up their marathon, I was checking my blackberry!)


There are awesome views from the top of the monument- you can even see Boston!


In the staircase leading to the top, different towns donated stones- it's fun to look for towns with significance :)

Like, our wedding town...DSC06509.JPG

I'm going to leave out the other towns just in case we have any crazies reading the blog :)

At the base of the monument, they have a fun museum...



After the Pilgrim Monument, it was time for an Art Sand Dune tour.

This company takes you in a suburban into the dunes of the Cape :)




The dune tour was very cool- I think all visitors to Provincetown should do it once. Personally, I was not a fan of our tour guide. She wasn't all that informative and she was in love with Eric and hated me, so that was annoying. I also was a bit car sick because I need the front seat in the car, and she insisted that Eric sit there. Obviously the Ptown stereotype that girls like girls was NOT in my favor haha.

Luckily, even though she completely trashed my restaurant choice for the evening, we decided not to listen and I'm glad we didn't. Victor's was a little bit out of the downtown area and I loved the feel of the place as soon as we arrived...



I liked it even better once I had the lobster spring rolls with cashew pesto sauce. Greatness. And yes, thats lobster for two meals in one day- like I said I was living the life I love.


Katie got the pulled pork sliders that looked fun so I took a picture before she could eat....


Also, anywhere with good sweet potato fries is a great place in my book...


Yummy dinner, followed by sunset for the drive home.


I love long weekends. We work so our weekends can be great, right?

How was your weekend?


  1. i've never been to p-town. i keep telling myself that i'll go but then i'm's too far haha! and i LOVE weekends. especially 3 day ones :)

  2. I love long weekends too. We went home to NH on Sat. and got back tonight. My dad and my brother share the same birthday and we were down there to celebrate. I don't have classes tomorrow either so I'm just catching up tonight.

  3. First off, thanks for the shout out in the last post & this one. I am overwhelmed by the # of people that were tracking us yesterday. So touched! So thank you so much for cheering us on!

    I am glad your computer is back and good as new. I also do not have any of my photos backed up... I really need to get on that.....

    Looks like a fun little get away for you guys! I love that you seek out things to do in the area! I should be better about exploring the area around me.

    And yes, 3 day weekends are THE best. As is 4 days off from work. :)

  4. I agree!! Working hard during the week always makes me feel better about having long and fabulous weekends. It sounds like yours was perfect. The pictures are fantastic (both the food shots and the scenery!). Victor's looks beautiful, as does the food. I rarely find sweet potato fries on a menu, bu tI Always order them when I do!

  5. I love lobster and that lobster roll just about made me drool on my keyboard.

    Your pictures are beautiful - I have never been to P-Town and one of these days, I need to spend some quality time on the Cape.

  6. Looks like a fantastic weekend! I love that pink fleece you always wear. :) It looks so snuggly and warm!! And, of course, pink rocks!

  7. I may have to try lobster now that I love crab and shrimp.
    I agree with you about three day weekends, life would be so much better. Actually.. maybe wait for the three day weekends until after college because in college I like the weekdays better haha (unless I'm at home/NH that is)

    ps. i like your scarf a lot

  8. I think every weekend should be a three day!!!

  9. Yummy looking food and great photos of the view!! Looks like a fun weekend!

    Also? Your opening line made me snort-laugh. Yup. Snort-laugh. Ha!

  10. Wow looks like SUCH a fun weekend!! :)

    Pictures are just gorgeous. I need to see that part of the country!!!!!

    Also, the food looked delicious. Yum. Lobster :)

  11. That sounds like a great weekend! You really did what that bumper sticker said (which I love btw).

    Those sorts of restaurants are my favorite!

  12. I am very jealous of your lobster eating. I wish it was local to meeeeeeee.