Sunday, October 24, 2010


Eric and I say "poopsicle" when something sucks.

It sucks that Ecto erased my post and my typical "copy and paste" method did not work because I had a minor computer crash in the process.

Oh well. I'm not writing it again, but I will re-post my running questions because I want some answers :)

1. Why do I have trouble breathing/my throat hurts when its cold out and I run? Is this something that will go away if I just keep at it? It's been happening to me since I was little (legit have memories of the "mile run" in elementary school) but I haven't tried to really fun in the cold more than once or twice a winter, since it's annoying haha.

2. I know most training plans have 4-5 running sessions per week. Do you think it's totally crazy to think that I could increase distance while only running twice a week? My knee seems to like a 2 day a week plan way better than 3, but I'd like to be able to work up to 5-6 miles... no more than that. Thoughts?

That's all from me. This week is going to tough so I'll try to check in when I can!



    Hmmm, my lungs kind of hurt when I run in the cold, but I think your body gets used to it after awhile.

    I think that you should be able to work up to running 6 miles by only running 2 days a week (plus doing other cardio and stuff on the side). I would increase your "long" run by .25 of a mile each week until you get there and then do one other shorter run and then maybe a couple elliptical or biking sessions for extra cardio!!

  2. I'm a 3x week runner, so I know that 3x week works just fine.

    I'm not sure about increasing distance too much with only 2x week running though. Perhaps if you add a day or two of brisk walking in?

  3. 1. my lungs hurt when i'm exerting a hard effort. i have no real idea why but someone once told me it has to do with the moisture in the air as well as the difference in temps between your lungs and the air. but have you ever thought it could be allergies of some kind?

    2. hmmmmm i think you can add distance on 2x a week. but go about it sloooooooowly. because an increase of, say, 6 miles a week means 3 a day whereas that same increase on 4 days of running is just 1.5 extra miles a day

  4. i have trouble breathing while exercising in the cold as well. i was told it was EIA, although i also have it occasionally in not-cold weather. but i definitely think it could be cold + exertion asthma, possibly? :-/ otherwise, no idea.

  5. LOL! POOPSICLE?!?! I swear, I would LOVE to hear all of the little words that couples use with each other throughout the day. Nick and I say, "Cheese and Rice" a lot or "darnskee" (yeah I know, so lame). I think I like POOPSICLE better!

    Sorry about your post. And, sorry I can't help you with any of these questions. I would think as far as your first question, your body and lungs will get used to the cold after running in it a few times. It may take time, but eventually it will be easier. THEN in the summer you will have to readjust again!

  6. My lungs also hurt when I runin the cold... I think our bodies are just not used to processing cold air or air with less moisture or something?

    I am not sure on the 2 days/week thing - I am sure it's possible, I just think you have to really, really gradually increase the distance each week to avoid injury!

  7. I wouldn't have rewritten the post either. SO much lost time!

    I don't have great answers to your questions. i know I can't run in the cold. It hurts too much. My skin and my lungs burn. And I often have cold hands and feet indorrs...with wool socks on! So running outdoors int he cold is not enjoyable for me. One of the reasons we just got a treadmill. I can't run outdoors suring the winter months, and i don't want to lug a baby to the gym.

    I hope you have a good week. I haven't been blogging as much either, but I'm still reading. Hipe to see you again soon. Little Noah wants to meet you :)

  8. i pretty much trained for a marathon only running 3 days a week so you should be able to do it. a good plan that you develop should help you stay on track. (the FIRST program is the 3 week running and they have you cross train 2x)

    as for the cold, I would say you will just get use to it. my legs and stomach burn from the cold almost all winter, no matter what I wear. Breathing through a scarf or some type of barrier might help too

  9. I chew gum when I run to avoid that sore throat feeling... but perhaps that's not safe. ;) It works for me.

  10. Run with a scarf and hold it over your mouth when it hurts to breathe. Also, I run 2 days a week when training for the marathon, and it works just fine!