Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Well Hello May

May came up fast this year. Let's hope for a good one, I think it may be a blur too!

April Goals Recap

1. Read 5 Books. Well, almost. I read 4 books definitely but then I've been slacking on the 5th book and it's probably going to take me a few more days to read. I could tell I wasn't into it from the beginning so I should've just given up and started something I actually wanted to read. Oh well, I didn't. I read The Guernsey Potato Peel Pie Society, Winter Garden, The Fault in Our Stars and The Bungalow. I loved ALL four of those books. I am now reading The Dry Grass of August- it's not terrible but I'm just not super into it. I was hoping it would be like Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt and/or The Help but sadly, it just not doing it for me. Hopefully I can just power through and finish it soon!

2. Post twice on my family blog. Check. As I have mentioned before, I started a family history blog to chronicle stories from my family and post some old pictures I have scanned into my computer. I wrote a post on Aunt Yvonne, who is actually my grandmother's aunt. She was the first woman officer to work in a bank back in 1926, and she retired 3 times before finally actually retiring at age 79. Her favorite thing about her first retirement was getting to go on lots of trips- I wonder if that is where I get my trip loving ways! My second post this month was about my own grandfather, who I called Pops and my own memories of him. It's been a lot of fun learning more about my own family members and posting them for other memories of my family to enjoy.

3. Enjoy small moments. I did enjoy some small moments this month and I tried very hard to appreciate the calm moments. However, I do feel like doing this all the time will always be a work in progress. It was especially hard some moments this month when work drama just overwhelmed my mind!

4. Register + train for sprint triathlon. I registered and I trained, so let's hope that pays off. If not, I had fun training, so that's always good.

May Goals

1. Fitness Goals: Finish sprint triathlon. Build up to swimming 50 laps. Get to yoga at least once. Yes, I aim high on the yoga front- I have to get myself there.

2. Figure out summer plans. Eric and I have quite the crazy summer coming up, lots of weddings and some short and long trips. I really need to get my tutoring stuff squared away so I can fund said trips :) I also need to finish planning those trips.

3. Read. I'm not aiming for a number this month though 4 would be nice. I now realize how much I read is directly related to how much I like the books. So with that, I will also put down any book I am not enjoying.

4. Host or Plan a Party. It's been a bit of time since our last party. I think I may be hosting a work get together at a my house, and I may start planning myself a birthday BBQ for June. We shall see, I get lots of ideas in my head that I don't follow through with. Maybe writing it on here will make me!

What are your goals for May? How did you do with April?


  1. I should add hosting and planning a party to my list. We have been saying we need to have a housewarming for over a year now!!

    So excited to hear about your triathlon this weekend - is it an open water swim?

  2. I have become really good about putting down books I don't enjoy. I started and abandoned 2 in April because I just wasn't feeling them. That is the benefit of using the library - I don't feel guilty giving up!

    April was a good month for me. I got so down in March, but was more upbeat in April. I let go of worrying about potential changes at work as I just feel like they are never going to announce the changes (although I did tell my boss yesterday that I am signing a lease on my condo so no one better tell me I have to move to Charlotte or they are in trouble!)

    In May, my goal is to run 80 miles, successfully present at a conference next week in Denver, study 94 hours, and focus on the little things in life that make me happy/smile.

  3. I will bring you to yoga next weekend.. or sometime this week : ) Can I come back to Boston now? : (

  4. Good luck on your triathlon! I think it's exciting that you are doing that!! I have a really hard time putting down books. I have follow through issues, as in if I start something, I HAVE TO finish. I think I have put down only 2 books in my life and I still feel guilty about it!