Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Secret Hoarders

Thank you for your comments on my baby fears post. I'm glad to hear that #1- I am not alone and #2- people who are pregnant/have kids still have the same fears and manage to overcome. Wahoo. Someday I will be one of you. But not soon. For now, I will hold on to my sleep, among other things.

Let's shift gears a bit to talk about another one of my many issues. Ha, I kid, I have no issues. Other than maybe obsessive travel planning... oh and the fact that it snowed last night and it took my students a full 20 minutes just to get ready for recess today. Recess is supposed to be 15 minutes, but we all know I don't part with recess. So math it was. Sorry first grade teachers! I blame it on the parents who buy their child tie boots. Whoever invented (and purchased) those obviously hated teachers. The feeling is mutual oh boot-makers.

Anyway, back to hoarding. I am really not a hoarder. I kind of hate having a lot of stuff because when I do it means I have to clean/organize it, which I don't like. I just donated 3 + bags of clothes to Goodwill this weekend, hoarders don't do that, right? But there are a few things I definitely hoard. They are:

Gift cards




Ghirardelli Peppermint Chocolate


Fine, maybe I have some issues. The thing is I LOVE all three of these things. That is what makes me hoard them. The fear that one day I will really want a Ghiradelli chocolate and they will be gone, NOOOOOOOO. The gift card problem is particularly absurd. I have probably 3 Starbucks cards in that pile, but what do I do when I go get a passion tea for Eric and I on Sunday mornings? Obviously hand over my debit card. Apparently I think that one Sunday morning I am not going to have the $2 to pay for my tea and the gift card is going to come to the rescue? Wow Kelly.

Alright, spill the beans. What do YOU hoard?


  1. I hoard tea and dog leashes and collars (I love to change my dogs collar all the time)

  2. I hoard books. Once I buy one I very rarely part with it. Even though I really should send them on their way or pass them to a friend. I sometimes hoard gift cards.

  3. Oh man, good point, boots that tie are AWFUL! I will remember to buy my kids boots that slip right on, for the teacher's sake :)
    I hoard many things; TEA is definitely one of them (but mainly because I buy it and never drink it!) also plastic bags, magnets, and workout tanks tops (ha!). Giftcards get spent too fast in this household to hoard them.

  4. The gift cards made me laugh because I do that too! Wallet is stuffed full of them. And I LOVE them!!!

  5. I, too, am guilty of hoarding gift cards. I guess your theory on saving it for when you "can't" afford it is my theory too. Haha. Ok I need therapy. Just use the gift card Lindsay... I had a free Starbucks card that actually expired bc I held on to it. Ugghhh. Dummy.

  6. I used to hoard gift cards but I've gotten better about it. Especially since I'm trying not to spend much money. I've been SLOWLY making my way through all my Christmas gift cards. It is nice to have that gift card laying around times when money is tight though!

    The peppermint chocolate thing made me laugh out loud. That is so funny! Also, what is with all the tea?! LOL

    I would say I'm a bit of the opposite of hoarder. I'm really good at just getting rid of things we don't use. I clean out my closet and the drawers in our house AT LEAST 2-3 times per year because I hate clutter!

  7. OMG, that is a lot of gift cards!!! I use mine up so quickly, especially B&N ones!!

    I hoard coats. And aprons. And playing cards!!!

  8. Woah do you seriously have that many gift cards? What are you waiting for!! spendddddd

  9. Hahaha! I also do love having those gift cards and keeping it for myself.