Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let It Snow- Cape Cod Style

Two weeks ago I was at the Cape running without a jacket on, and this weekend was a bit different.


This weekend some of my college roommates turned adult best friends came to visit. I had 5 roommates senior year of college and we now live in Massachusetts (me + Katie), Cincinnati (Ashley), Chicago (Gerry), New York (Cristina) and Linda (Washington DC). I feel lucky that since college I don't think one single year has gone by that I have not seen their lovely faces at least once for a reunion, football game, or wedding related activity. The last time we were all together was at my wedding :) Here we are with our whole college "group."

kelly_eric 0933.jpg

This weekend ended up being a reunion for only 4 of us, but we were all "together" via Skype on Saturday afternoon. The weekend was low key and relaxing. We were snowed in a bit on Saturday, I think we got about 10 inches of snow at the Cape!





Many great conversations were had, Dawson's Creek episodes watched and delicious food eaten. I love weekends.

Time to get back into gear for the week. We are doing lots of mid-year assessments at work this week, yikes! I'm just thankful that the Patriots are now going to the Superbowl so I can turn all activities into football related and win over my boys-boys once and for all. I'm going to be happy these boys turn everything into a race/competition when we have to put on snow gear for recess yet again tomorrow. First one to be ready for recess wins the Snow Superbowl! Ready... GO!

How often do you see friends from college? Do you live close to each other?


  1. Aww, what a lovely weekend!

    You all sure got a lot of snow! Wow! I admit, I am jealous of everyone that can be outsides without coats too, but I know I have no room to complain! We've been lucky so far.

    I'm still close friends with my group from college and luckily most of us live in town!

  2. That looks like so much fun! We got a lot of snow this weekend too.

    I am not super close with many people from college. My best friend Jen is technically a friend I met while I was in college but we met at work so not really a "college friend" haha. Then I have two girlfriends in my city who I'm fairly close with and see about once every couple of weeks or once a month for dinner or lunch or drinks. It can be tough to coordinate our schedules though. I sadly didn't stay super close with my college roommates and haven't seen them in years! Though I do still have them on Facebook and catch up with them on there from time to time :)

  3. I don't see friends from college all that often. I see my best friend maybe once a year and I am very excited because she is booking a trip to come visit after the baby is born! But, we don't live close to any of our college friends.

    Snow day tomorrow for you??? Fingers crossed for you!!

  4. My list of friend's locations is very similar to yours; some in Cleveland, Chicago, NYC, Colorado and California. IT's crazy. This post actually made me e-mail my local high school friends to get together, so thanks!
    Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  5. Fun weekend! I have yet to be together with all my college friends since graduation, but I've seen a couple of them a good amount of times.

  6. What a fun weekend! I kind of like being snowed in on weekends like that as it forces you to take it slow and not feel guilty about laying low!

    For many years, most of my college friends lived in Minneapolis. Now we are spreading out, which sucks, but also makes us appreciate our time together even more!

  7. I do think you do enjoyed your weekend. Late greetings, but Happy New Year!