Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Currently [July 2015]

I was having some technical difficulties posting but I've resolved them, so I've got some catching up to do. I owe you some posts about my trip to the West Coast, and an 18 month post for Max. So stay tuned :) In the meantime, Currently! 


Reading: The Snow Child. I've only just started it but it's good so far, I'm reading it for the Read Harder Challenge. I'm not sure if I will be finishing this challenge. I'm definitely going to do as many challenges as I can because it has helped me read some things I wouldn't had otherwise. But, I also don't want to read anything I know I will hate because reading is supposed to be my happy place :) Oh, and I just finished Love Anthony by Lisa Genova, really good! (not quite as great as Still Alice, but I really liked it!)

Loving: Summer! IMG 3774
Frustrated: That I still sometimes struggle with sleeping even in the summer, insomnia is so annoying!

Feeling: a little bit stronger, Eric has been kicking my butt with the workouts lately

Thinking: about whether or not Max will be our only child or not. I told myself I wouldn't even think about this in 2015, but I still think about it. Can someone else just make this decision for me and/or give me a nice crystal ball? (PS. Even if we decide to try for a second kiddo it will be no time soon, I'm just really bad at leaving things like this undecided ha ha)

Anticipating: Taking Max to another splash pad tomorrow, he LOVES sprinklers and hanging out with BFF Teddy :)  

Watching: videos of Max, because that is his favorite thing to do! 
Sad: That 2 of my good friends are moving and their new houses are farther away from my house. Of course I'm super happy for both of them and it's really not about me at all, but it has made me start really thinking about how hard it is to get together with kids and their nap schedules, and how it will only get harder as they all start doing sports and birthday parties etc. Just life, I suppose. (In a lot of ways, the kids have made us get together more often too, so it's not really the kids I blame- I just wish I could live in a nice little neighborhood of my friends is all, too much to ask?)

Listening to: podcasts, podcasts, podcasts. I love The Longest Shortest Time (if you have kids, or are just interested in parenting topics, listen to this! it's way better than other parenting podcasts out there and I really think even people without kids could find the stories interesting!). I also shamelessly listen to Undisclosed, the podcast that is investigating the case that was on Serial last year. I'm obsessed I admit it. 

Working: I'm taking a really stupid online class. I recently listened to Gretchen Rubin (author of Happiness Project) talk on the Jess Lively podcast. She just wrote a book about how personality types influence habits. After taking the quiz to see my type, I learned I am a questioner, which essentially means that I am willing to do basically anything for myself or others as long as I think it's worthwhile according to my own reasons. Well, this online class is NOT worthwhile at all, which is why I basically have been procrastinating it but occasionally I actually work on it because the pay raise involved in earning more credits is worthwhile to me…. ha. 

Grateful: for the village that has helped us with Max these last 18 months, for summer vacation, for my family, for the Cape… for so many things I could not name them all
IMG 4484
Wondering: How I will be as a parent of a child in school. Max starts daycare in September. He will love it and be fine, but I will be constantly worried that I am one of "those" parents that have driven me crazy the last 9 years! 
Wishing: Still would love someone to invent teleportation… 
What are you listening to, reading and watching these days? 


  1. Yay love seeing a post from you pop up in my reader! I have really been enjoying the Happier podcast and find the four personality types very interesting. I'm pretty sure I'm and upholder but I have a lot of obliger tendencies too. I'm almost positive Eric is a rebel which is interesting at times haha.

    Isn't it funny how we are always questioning or planning for the next big choice in life?? I'm definitely feeling that lately myself!

    Lately I'm not really watching anything but I'm listening to lots of podcasts and reading somewhat frequently, though I am way behind on the Read Harder challenge and also not sure I will finish it.

  2. Ooh, I'm obsessed with the Undisclosed podcast, too. I thought I wouldn't like it - that it would be too pro-Adnan, even though I'm on the "Adnan is innocent" fence still - but it's really, really good. Really eye opening!

    I took the Four Tendencies quiz from Gretchen Rubin and I'm an Obliger, so basically I'll do stuff because other people expect me to, but struggle with internal goals.

    I'm listening to TONS of podcasts, reading Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes, and watching Big Brother!

  3. It's SOOOO hard to get together with friends once everyone had kids (or some have kids in my case). And it's even harder when you are all spread out and everyone is so busy... I miss the good old days when I saw people on a weekly basis or heck even a monthly basis would be great....

    I'm listening to the latest happier podcast right now, reading "Dog Crazy" per Nora's recommendation, and watching The Next Food Network Star but not much TV besides that!

  4. A neighborhood of all friends would be delightful!

    I am re-reading one of my favorite Nora Roberts trilogies (Boonsboro Inn) because omg I actually have time for a quick reading break while I pump at work these days!

  5. I am just now listening to my first podcast ever. I am sucked in to Serial now. With my new commute and job I have more time!