Thursday, May 14, 2015


Shamelessly stole this post idea from Lisa. I know others have used this template as well and I enjoy reading them on Friday, so hopefully you will too :) If not, I did add a few photos of Max for good measure. 

IMG 3586

The high of my week was celebrating Mother's Day with my mom and mother in law, and of course Eric and Max. I also had a former student as a "Secret Reader" today in my class. I love seeing my former students read to my class!

The low of my week was kindergarten kids with spring fever, and not having invented teleportation yet… I want to be able to beam myself to BFF Katie's house to help her juggle her newborn and toddler, though I'm not sure how helpful I would be if I add Max into the mix. 

A book I am reading is Anne Frank Diary of a Young Girl. I am technically re-reading this since I read it in 7th grade. 

IMG 3517

A podcast episode I loved was um… a lot. I have a podcast problem. I think my favorite podcast at the moment is Dear Sugar. It's SO good. I am stupidly wasting any moments of my life listening to the Undisclosed podcast, aka podcast about the same case as Season 1 of Serial. It's so incredibly biased but fascinating nonetheless. I am also currently in love with the Starr Struck Radio podcast (thanks Caroline for the recommendation) and even though I have heard probably 17 different podcast episodes about the book The Fringe Hours, I still enjoyed Jess Lively's take on it this week. I should probably actually read the book now. 

For my workouts, I completed  1 run (after Max went to bed on Monday night! aka… I ran at night, this is unheard of for me) and 1 leg lifting session. I'm going to run again tomorrow. I've been aiming for 2 runs and 2 lifts a week, a little behind this week due to Mother's Day but slow and steady wins the race

The best money I spent was I finally bought a jogging stroller and it arrives tomorrow!!! I am seriously hoping it was the best money I spent this month because it was not cheap. But, this will help me squeeze in my two runs a week and make it easier to take beach walks this summer. Also, I justified it because I finally got reimbursed for the new car seat I had to buy after I was rear ended in December. Yes, I realize that I originally spent this money but since it took so long to get it back it's basically forgotten money. #greatlogic

My plans this weekend include celebrating my brother's graduation (he got his MBA!), and  visiting a huge kids consignment sale at my old high schoolIMG 3537

What podcast did you love this week? What are you reading? 


  1. I also love Dear Sugar podcasts. I listen to them RIGHT after they are available because I just can't wait! I will have to check out Starr Struck Radio - sounds like something I would like! A podcast I loved this week was Radio Lab's one that about a woman who had heart surgery and then could hear her heart beating SO LOUDLY (which was fascinating) and then the second part was an interview with Oliver Saks, which I thought was also interesting. And I started The Nightingale, which I am loving. I would have probably finished it by now if I wasn't so busy with packing/moving or didn't have to adhere to a bedtime because it's that good! I usually don't like Kristin Hannah books as they are too chick lit-ish for me but this one is great!

  2. (Oh and I shamelessly stole this post idea from someone else, I think Stephany!)

  3. I love a good consignment sale! So much fun. Love the idea of forgotten money and I think I would probably be the same way. Reading: Moonlight on Butternut Lake, the last book (I think) in a series I started a year or two ago. Nothing fancy about it but I love the characters which is enough for me to keep going back to the author/her books :) Happy Friday!!!!!

  4. I've been really enjoying the Death Sex and Money podcast after reading about it on Lisa's blog. The last episode I listened to was all about money which I found so interesting!

    I totally meant to throw a TGIF post today but then completely forgot since I didn't get home from a work event until 10pm last night. Ah well, next week!

    I bet your jogging stroller will be totally worth the money! It will be great to be able to take Max with you on more walks and runs!

  5. I LOVE Starr Struck Radio! I have been bingeing on it this week and I'm like laughing out loud to myself in my apartment. Awesome. I discovered this week podcasts are a great way to not feel so lonely working from home :)

    Max is adorable. I can't even. That stroller will def be worth it!

  6. What running stroller did you get? I bought a second hand chariot and it's been so worth the money! My husband hasn't been getting home until 6-6:30 lately so it means I can get out with Amelia during the day. And crappy that you were rear ended :( hope you have a good weekend!

  7. Awwww, I loved reading this. Feeling a bit removed from you and your life, in large thanks to me and my sucky life lately. I really like listening to Dear Sugar, too - I just love that people can be broken and still grow up. It's a good reminder for most people who often get caught up in believing small missteps will forever change their future course for the worse. I got super sucked into listening to Death, Sex + Money -- and since it's been on for over a year, it sucked up a lot of time listening to almost all of the episodes (you can thank me later). I have also gotten sucked into sort of loving Gravy and cannot wait for the new podcast Mystery Show to begin next week. Though, I swear that it's work that's kept me away from blogging and not the podcasting rabbit hole. hahaha.

  8. Max is so cute! I am going to start the daughter soon. I just need a little more sleep so I don't keep falling asleep as I'm reading ha.