Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week in the Life: Sunday

There is a scrapbooking blogger named Ali Edwards, who does a challenge called "Week in the Life." I learned about her because I read and listen to Sarah R. Bagley. I've been listening to Sarah ever since Becky was on her podcast awhile ago. And, I am friends with Becky originally because of… Lisa?  

I am not a scrapbooker. I have no patience, skill and drive to be a scrapbooker. But I do love Day in the Life posts, so why not expand the length of time and and shrink the tiny details? Technically, I believe this was supposed to happen last week. But, hopefully no one will mind. 

Without further ado, Sunday was...


IMG 2120IMG 2100


A 6:30am reminder of why I can't drink 2 beers and a glass of Sangria late on Saturday night these days. Nursing + Breakfast + Pumping + Playing. Hanging out with Ashley, visiting us from Cincinnati this weekend. Sunday productivity: laundry, lunches for the week, dish washing. Braving crazy mall crowds with my mom. A New much-needed winter coat. Play date at the park with Kathy and her girls. Finishing this book. Grumpy baby at dinner with the fam. More eating + family story time + bath time + more nursing. Max's bedtime. This post and old funny episode of Modern Family. 


  1. So jealous of his hair! I can't really drink wine anymore because it apparently keeps me up. NOT COOL.

  2. I also LOVE Max's hair! And his eyes! You guys packed a lot into one day! My day was fairly low key which is good because yesterday was go go go with Julia Child prep and festivities! My parents stayed at my place last night so we went to church this morning and went out for brunch, then I did laundry/got my place a bit organized and went to Phil's for the afternoon/evening. And now I am back home because we are getting 10-14" of snow tomorrow and it will start during the night so I decided driving home tomorrow morning when the snow storm was happening was NOT a good idea. I guess winter really is coming. womp womp

  3. Sorry I'm confused - is all that stuff your day in the life for Sunday or was that all the stuff you did last week?? If it's day in the life holy smokes girl you were busy!

    I am obsessed with day in the life posts by the way. Don't know why, clearly I'm just a creeper who likes knowing about other people's lives right down to the details :)

  4. Can't go wrong with a good episode of Modern Family. It's one of my favorites. And the Max photos? Well, keep them coming. I love him and his hair; so much hair!