Monday, July 22, 2013

Iceland Top 10 Tour, Part 2

Where I left over, Eric and I were doing a Top 10 Tour in Iceland, and we were ready for the best part, the walk on a glacier! This is the part of the tour that we would not have been able to do without the help of our tour guide from Extreme Iceland.

The glacier we visited was called Langjokull (the second largest glacier in Iceland, third largest in the world) and was only about a 45 minute drive from the Gullfoss waterfall. However, it did require a four wheel drive vehicle and the ride was definitely a bit bumpy. At one point we legit drove through a river. When we arrived at the lake, we had to put on even more clothes, basically a crazy snowsuit and a life jacket. This was really just to keep us warm on the boat ride, it was not necessary for actually walking on the glacier.

The boat ride itself was a highlight of the trip, it was such a beautiful and different landscape I could hardly take my eyes off everything around me.
Once we were over to the glacier we took off some of our warm clothing, this was actually the only sun we saw while in Iceland and the weather was quite nice while we enjoyed the glacier. Next, we put crampons on our hiking boots (which they lent us). Finally, after a quick safety summary, we were ready to walk on the glacier. Talk about a fun way to get some exercise!
As we walked safely on the glacier, our guide gave us some information about the glacier and other glaciers around Iceland. We got to walk for a little over an hour, including navigating our way around some gaps in the glacier and small streams that flow down the glacier.
When it was over, we got to ride the boat again. No matter where I go, speed boats are a happy place for me.

The ride back to Reykjavik was less eventful than the way out, but we did enjoy a stop or two including a collapsed volcano!

By the time we arrived back at our apartment, we were completely wiped out but happy with our successful day in Iceland. We would definitely recommend others take this tour to enjoy a lot of what Iceland has to offer in a short time.

I will be back next with our Austrian adventures. Any questions about Iceland? I would love to go back, but next time I may have to brave even colder weather to enjoy the northern lights.



  1. Wow - those photos are beautiful! That is so cool that you were ON a glacier! I saw glaciers when I did a hike in New Zealand but they were small ones. Walking on one would be so cool. What a beautiful country!

  2. Awesome! You look like a little midget in that first photo! I was going through my blog reader and saw that picture and was like, "WHO is that??" .. oh it's my sister. Can't wait for you to be home tomorrow YAY!

  3. Wow, that is beautiful! So natural and peaceful! That collapsed volcano is amazing! It looks cold - but totally worth it! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. As a pretend photographer, the opportunity to see the Northern Lights excites me! I could do cold, too, so long as that rain/fog was snow/fog. ha. The glacier experience looks like it was definitely worth taking a tour to get there ... and, I'm with you on being a bit skeptical about seeing places through tour groups. Would much rather explore on my own.