Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eric's Amazing Turkey Quinoa Delight

Last week Eric invented my new favorite dinner (also an amazing leftover lunch). I never would've guessed how great the combination of quinoa and tomato sauce is, but I guess that must be why people love Mama Pea's Zucchini Quinoa Lasagna, which I still need to try.

As you probably know, Eric is the real cook in our house. If I am interested in a recipe at all, it means it probably has no more than 5 ingredients and the less steps involved the better. Eric adds spice this, ingredient that... I like as simple as possible. This recipe is much more representative of my style of cooking than his and that's why I decided it was blog worthy. After all, who doesn't appreciate an easy, quick recipe? But if you are in the mood for a more complicated recipe, I highly recommend Eric's Sweet Potato Risotto!

I'll call this Eric's Amazing Turkey Quinoa Delight

*Vegetarians Note: I took this for lunch without any turkey and it was still amazing and filling, so the turkey is definitely not a necessity in my mind

Ingredients: ground turkey, quinoa, eggplant (+ any other veggies you want), tomato sauce, olive oil


1. Cook quinoa according to package directions (1 cup quinoa to 2 cups water, boil and simmer until water is gone). Eric likes to boil quinoa in chicken broth which I do agree really adds something.

2. Cut eggplant and roast in the oven on 400 for about 15-20 minutes. Eric also "seasons" the eggplant. Do whatever you want here, this is why I'm not the cook.

3. Saute ground turkey in tomato sauce on the stove until fully cooked.

4. Mix all together, and enjoy :)

Oh, I forgot to mention, this is a super ugly meal... but that will not affect the taste at all, I promise!



What is your favorite quinoa dish?


  1. I'm super jealous. Nick has cooked for me twice throughout the entire five plus years we've been together. And, he hates quinoa! That's tough, because I love it. I never would have thought to add eggplant and/or tomato sauce, but this is genius! My favorite quinoa salad is the one I posted with feta, dill and cucumber. So delicious.

  2. I really miss having someone there to cook for me...

  3. Some of the ugliest meals are the tastiest! Sounds yummy!!

  4. I have been eating the zucchini-quinoa lasagna ALL week because I made a big batch on Monday and it is still so amazing! I think the combo of the tomato sauce and the quinoa texture is just awesome!!

    Tell Eric I will be trying his recipe sans turkey - it sounds good!!! :)

  5. Yum, that looks delicious! My fave quinoa dish is probably that zuchini lasagna. And if you don't want to go to the trouble of making the lasagna, the tomato sauce/quinoa filling would be awesome on its own!

    Besides that, I made this quinoa pilaf a couple of years ago that was so so so good. It tasted like stuffing! Next time I made it, I will use my food processor though, as it was a lot of chopping...

    That looks delish! You are lucky to have a husband that cooks for you. That said, Eric is lucky to have a fabulous wife. So I guess you are both lucky people. :)

  6. I bought quinoa yesterday at the grocery store!!! I brought it home and my husband was like "WHAT IS THIS????" LOL. I told him "I'm making a recipe I read on a blog!" I can't wait to try it :) My first time eating it!