Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Princess Consuela Bananahammock

So hi. Just wanted to let you guys know I am alive. Haha, j/k Melissa :) I'm really going to blog right now...

Yesterday I went to the Cape Cod RMV to change my name. I had hope that it wouldn't be as crazy as the ones near Boston but I was wrong, it was still crazy. However, it did come with some funny stories. The best was when the guy who worked there was calling people up to take their road tests. He calls one guy, let's call him Joe Smith.

RMV guy: Joe Smith? Joe Smith?

Joe Smith: right here

RMV guy: Oh! YOU again!?

Lol. What do you have to do to be THAT guy?

As for my name change, it went relatively smoothly. Apparently they couldn't put a space in between my two middle names, so its Kelly MiddleNameOldLastName with no space. I referred to myself as this for the rest of the day.

Today after tutoring I went to the bank to change my name on my accounts. I learned that it is totally acceptable to take all my money in my joint account and run without Eric's consent, but if I want to change my name, he has to sign something. Logic? No.


On another note, I love kids. Please remind me of this again in a month when I'm drowning in another September of teaching kindergarten kids how to walk in line, sit on the carpet and give half a crap about someone other than themselves. Who am I kidding? Kindergarten kids are very concerned about others when they are crying and demanding attention in the middle of my lesson. Awesome.

Today I love kids because the kids I am tutoring this summer are just awesome. Love them all. Also I received a wedding gift last week from my friend's daughters. I should first mention that these two girls are by far the cutest girls that walk the planet. I'd show you a picture but I don't know what kind of creeps read this blog. Any creeps out there? Try to picture two blond, curly haired, gorgeous girls in your mind. Got it? good. They made me and Eric ice cream bowls in our favorite colors...


I know it seems like nothing could get better than ice cream bowls. But what if I told you that my ice cream bowl said, "Ms. OldLastName" and Eric's said, "Mr. MYOldLastName" hehe, cuz thats what they wanted it to say. Little feminists in training. I love it.

In honor of it being 1 month since my wedding...


I'll catch up with you guys tomorrow, I have lots of food pictures for you.


  1. Those bowls are so funny! When I got married a lot of my students just didn't grasp the whole thing...lots of funny comments!


  2. Ha, I LOOOOVE the ice cream bowls! Those will be the best to keep around forever!

  3. Welcome back to blog world!
    So no space between your two names? ha! That's sort of funny, in an annoying sort of way. If that happened to me my name would be the longest last name in history!

    Great wedding photo. And, happy one month anniversary!!

  4. Changing my name was such a headache! I understand.

    I love the ice cream bowls with your maiden name given to your husband. Enjoy your ice cream :)

  5. Most perfect ice cream bowls ever!

  6. Whoa, whoa, whoa, how is it possible that it's been a month since your wedding? wasn't it just last week or something? Yikes - time is a-flying.

    I really have a huge amount of respect/admiration for you for being a K teacher. I just do not think I have the patience it would require, so thank GOD there are people like you out there! I had my nephew for the afternoon on saturday. I adore him and I think he is pretty well behaved in general, but there were definitely some 'take a deep breath and remember that he's 5' moments. ;)

  7. haha I knew what this post was about by just looking at the title - love the friends reference!

  8. Lol'ing through the whole post. Love it. The ice cream bowls -- most excellent! I'm sure Eric will be soo thrilled to use them daily :)

    I guess I'm hoping that after 10 yrs people will forget that I never changed my name... haha. I'm just too lazy.

  9. I can't believe that it has already been a month!!

  10. happy 1 month! those ice cream bowls are such a sweet gift!

  11. A month already?! LOL...it seems like it was just a week ago! Time flies.