Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's All In The Details

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I'll admit it, I am not a detail person. I prefer to think more "big picture." Unfortunately, when it comes to weddings, it's all in the details. So what I did was- left many details up to my much more detail orientated mother, and then added a few details that even I can get on board with. Here are some detail shots that were taken over the course of the weekend...

Out of town pails for the rooms, done by Jen at Pink Polka Dot. I did the research, it would've cost close to the same amount to do them myself and there is no way they would've looked as nice, or I would've been happy about delivering them to all the different hotels.


Rehearsal bouquets made by Katie :)


Rehearsal menu (made by Ocean House) and place cards, made by me.


Rehearsal dinner centerpieces...


I couldn't have dreamed of a better back drop for my wedding... IMG_4880.JPG


Or more perfect flowers...



Here is Eric and my "sweetheart" table...


Look what the florist did for the back of our chairs...!!!


These amazing centerpieces were on every other table...


These cute favor cards were made by Jen from Dulce Press. In lieu of traditional favors, we donated to the Brian MacIsaac Sarcoma Foundation in honor of my cousin, who passed away from Ewing Sarcoma in April 2009.


Our place cards were also made by Dulce Press, and directed each guest to their table. Each table name was a place Eric and I have been, with a picture of us- designed by my very talented sister. I don't seem to have a picture of those right now, but I will, don't worry.


We tried to connect table names to at least one person at the table, if possible. For example, we sat Eric's parents at the Niagara Falls table since we went their with them.

Each chair had a gorgeous pink ribbon with a flower in the middle. It gave the whole room a pink look, my favorite!


Other fun details, even some I dreamed up on my own, included silver, black and pink flip flops for dancing, water bottles, and an ice cream sundae bar at 11, which unfortunately I did not even enjoy because I was really just the opposite of hungry the whole night. Oh well- it was from a place down the street from Wychmere so I'll have to try it another time!

My parents and my aunt left some treats in the room when we got back...


I don't think I need to do a whole post on the day after the wedding except to say that Eric and I spent the day eating breakfast with friends, and visiting with both of our parents, talking about how awesome the wedding was.


We drove home from the Cape on Sunday night and proceeded to tailgate outside our own house for dinner...


Eric had Chinese food and I had leftover lobster from the night before (yes, it is very difficult to eat at your own wedding) in a sandwich. The reason why we were tailgating at our own house is because we wanted Caroline and Chris (who were 15 minutes behind us) to capture THIS on camera...




We like to be as random as possible, obviously. I looked up the tradition of carrying the bride across the threshold and clearly there are all sorts of random reasons for it, who knows?!

The past few days have been spent organizing our lives (though not really at all since my house is still a disaster) and catching up on sleep (though also not at all because I still feel like I got run over by a truck). Tomorrow morning we leave at 4:45am for our honeymoon. Yeah, maybe not the best plan I know.

Before I wrap up the wedding posts, I have to give a huge thank you to both Eric's and my family- as my Dad said in his speech, both families were rookies at planning a wedding, but I think we did a pretty amazing job :) I also have to give a thank you to my amazing bridal party. Here they are looking amazing and look, my height order set up worked pretty well!


I decided to arrange the girls in height order after Caroline and Katie because I feel like clearly I love you if I put you in my six person wedding party so why choose exactly HOW MUCH I love you in comparison to others? The height order plan just made it a lot easier and I think it looked pretty good too. Except I think we mixed up a few people on Eric's side, oh well!

Both my bridesmaids and Eric's groomsmen, and our amazing officiant were AWESOME all weekend and I think both Eric and I know we have the best friends ever. I'd also like to thank the husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends etc of a bridal party- Eric and I were saying that Chris (Caroline's boyfriend) and Adam (Katie's husband) did so much for us all weekend! Plus I know it stinks to have to hang out by yourself all day while your girlfriend/wife does the ridiculous hair and make up process and pictures.

Also I want to thank every single one of our guests, all of whom traveled to be at our wedding. I think they had fun, but I still appreciate it.

I kind of feel like I'm accepting an Oscar right now for all these thank yous, but I have to thank all of you blog readers for your support leading up to the wedding, the blog comments and tweets the day of, and for reading all these ridiculously long recaps!

PS. I WILL be blogging on my honeymoon. I was fully planning to not if Eric didn't want me to, but he says he wants me to because he loves reading all the posts from Arizona and re-living it. Obviously I may not be posting on a consistent schedule, but I'll likely do a lot of posts in the morning when I am up at the ridiculous crack of dawn (partly because I'm Kelly and partly because the Hawaiian time change is not in my favor) and Eric isn't up for hours :)

Catch you all in San Francisco or Big Island!!!


  1. Have a great time on your Honeymoon!!!!

  2. Congratulations! Everything looked absolutely perfect and so beautiful. I'm glad you had a wonderful day!

  3. Umm can you plan MY wedding one day? (kidding.. kind of ;) )

    Seriously, though. All those details you guys made sure to pay attention to are AMAZING! And I think they really added to the whole day for you!! I think naming the tables after places you've been with pictures of you guys in that place is SO FREAKING COOL! It really showcases your love of travel since you've taken so many trips together!

    Can't wait to hear all about HAWAII! My best friend went there this past January and had the absolute time of her life so I'm sure you guys will love it :)

  4. have fun on the big island! make sure to go to Ken's House of pancakes and the Sahve Ice Store on the waterfront. Eric should order the Sumo if you guys go to Ken's House of Pancakes. They ring the bell everytime someone orders it and the entire restaurant yells, SUMO! it the must-see place on the big island...aw i miss hawaii :( but have fun!

  5. I love all the details and the flowers are just gorgeous! have a fun trip!!!

  6. congratulations! i am glad you had fun.. ;)

  7. LOVE IT!! Everything looks beautiful, and even though I'm not a HUGE pink fan, I think it looks beautiful and ellagent (I can't spell...)

    I love that Eric lets you blog on vacation! And, he says he likes to relive the vacations?? That's awesome. Nick never reads my blog. haha, maybe when we get married?!

  8. i looooooooooved your recaps :) i am so glad the day went so well, the rain & rainbows... could not have been more perfect!

    loved so many of your ideas! i am doing some things similarly... but we already knew we had similar thought patterns.

    i wish i had a few days in-town post-wedding like you, but we're taking off the next morning for the hmoon. have a wonderful time in hawaii!! can't wait for pics of that too.

    congrats again, you were a gorgeous bride!

  9. Wow, your wedding was simply amazing, Kelly. I love the pink flowers! The details really do make the event more special. i am so glad that everythinig came together.

    I love that last pic of you & Eric. You look so in love.

    Enjoy your honeymoon, dear! i hope you come back rested & relaxed!

  10. Congratulations! Everything looks beautiful!

  11. Love all the fun details! Have a WONDERFUL honeymoon!!

  12. Everything was so beautifully and tastefully done! Have a wonderful time on your honeymoon. Hawaii was the perfect honeymoon for us!

  13. ah they honeymoon reveal! (I wasn't sure where it was!) have a blast.

    love these pictures!!

  14. Such pretty pictures!

    And yes, the time change in Hawaii does some interesting things to your body. We just got back and I think we were in bed by 8 every night and up at 6.

  15. i LOVE your pics and your dress and makeup and hair is beautifullllll!!! yayaya congrats Mrs Eric :) you had beuatiful weather too! the cape is the perfect place to tie the knot!

  16. I really loved reading all about your wedding! Kinda made me want to change a couple things in my own for the better haha but still loved reading. Everything looks amazing!! Congrats!

  17. I have finally been able to catch up on your wedding posts. Wow, wow, and wow! Absolutely gorgeous! I don't think your day could've been any more PERFECT! Amazing! It is just picture perfect! (I officially want to move to the east coast).

    You looked amazing, gorgeous, beauitful! Hope the honeymoon is fantastic! Congratulations :)

  18. Your wedding looks absolutely gorgeous! wow, yes, come plan my wedding please lol Hope you are having a wonderful honeymoon :)

  19. congratulations! you looked spectacular! everything was beautiful! can't believe you guys even got a rainbow! so cool! everything looked great, thanks so much for sharing all the pictures!! i can't usually comment on your blog for some reason, but luckily today i was able to! thanks again for sharing. congratualtions to you both!!!