Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seven Traits!

I was tagged by Anais to list seven traits about myself and then pass it on to 7 bloggers.
I am passing it on to:

And anyone else who feels like doing it :)

Seven Traits About Kelly

1. I have to steal from Anais, but I definitely have an obsessive personality. This is best demonstrated in my obsession with online message boards. When I first started teaching I will obsessed with teachers.net, when my stomach starting bothering me I read boards about that, now I read wedding boards- haha. I am the same way with food, I eat more Cheerios, yogurt, almond butter, oatmeal and potatoes than the average person.

2. I can be very impatient. For example, if I hear about a book that is really good, I will go out RIGHT now and get it! When I have an idea, I want to implement it immediately. I try to wait, but I usually don't.

3. I am the opposite of procrastinator. Maybe it goes along with #2, but I want everything done and far in advance. This sounds like a good quality but sometimes it is really overwhelming when I am thinking about things that need to be done in 2 months, along with things that need to be done this week.

4. I love hand bags. At my parents house I used to have an entire closet basically dedicated to them. I've toned it down a bit, but I still like to get a new one every few months. Recently I have taken to borrowing them from my sister which is a great money saver since I'll obviously get sick of it soon and want a new one.

5. I'm a morning person. I love waking up early, getting a lot done and then being impressed with myself with all that I can accomplish before noon. This does not apply on weekdays when I have to wake up ridiculously early to go to work, then I don't love it- I just tolerate it.

6. I'm a townie in the same town I grew up in (never thought that would happen but here I am) but I justify it by being a travel freak. I love trips. I especially love planning them, but I also like going on them. I have to force myself to save money for anything other than trips.

7. I have a short attention span. I don't like to do anything for longer than 45 minutes to an hour at the most. This is why I really do not like movies very much (too long) and this is exactly the reason that I hate golf! I think the reason why I want to do a triathlon is because I like the idea of three different sports all in one. Teaching kindergarten also allows me to "switch gears" every 20 minutes or so. I'll do most anything for 45 minutes, but I'll do almost nothing for longer than that.

That's all for now. Looking forward to hearing your traits if you do it.


  1. aw thanks so much for the tag girlie :)! i have a super short attention span too -- i get SO antsy!

  2. I'm a morning person too! Getting out of bed can be tough, but I get SO much more accomplished in the mornings!!

    I also have a very short attention span. Golf has grown on me, though!

  3. Thank you for the tag... now i need to do some thinking!

  4. great traits! nothing wrong with living near where you grew up - esp since you do travel so much! :) (i'm like 30 min from my parents/home town so i suppose i'm in the same boat)

    thanks for the tag! hopefully i can think of 7 decently-interesting things :)

  5. I can be very impatient, too! :s
    Thanks for the tag. Will work on it later. :P

  6. Thanks for the tag! I always view myself as so impatient too, but many people have commented on how patient I am with students so I guess I am both!

  7. Interesting tidbits! I can relate to a few - especially being impatient!

    Thanks for the tag. I'll play along later this week!

  8. These were interesting--thanks for sharing! Hehe, I'm not a morning person, but I definitely love it when I get a lot done early in the day! I feel so accomplished :D

  9. I am SO with you on #2... And for when you need books when you want them, I have this program that lets me download books on my iPod touch and that way I can read them WHEN I want to :)