Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Please Don't Rollerblade in Spandex!!!

It was back to work this week so it’s been crazy busy. I came back to find that my darling kiddos did not get out their energy over the break and instead came back more energized than ever. It’s going to be a long two months… I did start tutoring a new girl yesterday, and she is adorable. She is so enthusiastic and works so hard, but reading does NOT come easily to her. Hopefully I can change that ☺
Meanwhile training is still going on. I am aiming to run tomorrow morning (just a quick 2 mile on the treadmill) so I have been resting the knee as much as possible. Yesterday was supposed to be a strength day but I couldn’t see bike riding in the 90 degrees today so I switched and went for a bike ride last night. Some likes and dislikes from my ride:

1. The SERIOUS biker (as in fancy bike, real biking attire etc) STRUGGLING up my hill- good at least I’m not the only one (okay fine so he was actually making it up the hill unlike me).
2. The fact that my move across town now means that my bike ride begins uphill and ends downhill (minus the insane hill that my house is on but we’ve already established, I have to walk up that).
3. Random teenagers in the center chanting “You can do it! ALMOST THERE” (must be what it feels like to run the marathon).
4. Biking, like swimming, is MUCH easier the second time around. Thank God!

1. My butt still hurts. When is this going to go away?
2. Bugs flying into my mouth, ew. I don’t remember this every happening while rollerblading?
3. I am going to preface this with the fact that I am not an endless fan of men in spandex but I tolerate it on bikers. However, men should NOT, I repeat NOT, wear spandex while rollerblading. Period.

This morning I took a class at the Y called “Yoga for Athletes” (haha I know, a bit of stretch like the “student” thing but maybe after the triathlon I can be considered an athlete). I was in a serious yoga phase last summer and went twice a week to a great hot yoga place near me. However, back to regular gym yoga made me so so so bored!!! Please let my knee stop hurting- I am missing the SHRED!!! I want Jillian yelling at me, no more yoga teachers telling me to listen for my breath and adjusting my alignment!


  1. i'm so impressed! way to fight through the butt pain! i pretty much gave up biking forever because of that :)

    the picture of you and your best friend at her shower is gorgeous!

  2. ooohhh Jillian kicks my butt! I agree, no spandex for men! HA!