Thursday, March 16, 2017

Jack: 3 Months

Jack spent his 3 month birthday (February 22nd) in sunny Florida. It was his first opportunity to experience warm weather and I think he liked it! It was also his first plane ride, boat ride and time sleeping in a Pack N Play. He did really well with all of them. His biggest struggle on the plane was that his big brother kept waking him up ha ha.

The other thing Jack loved about Florida was having a lot of people around. This was the height of his need to be entertained phase, so he loved when he was lying on the ground and people came over and made faces at him, or picked him up and walked him around. He did not love when he was left hanging out by himself for more than about one minute. Ha.

He also started smiling a lot a little before 3 months and he tried that out quite a bit while on vacation. 

Jack has never really been one for a set schedule (like his brother!), but he settled into one a bit around 3 months. He would wake up around 7:30-8am, eat on one side, play for a bit, eat on the other, then sleep in the carrier while we were out and about, eat again on one side (he is a snacker!), play a bit, eat on the other side, nap in his crib, and then.... kind of random after that until bed. 

At 3 months he continued to have a "witching hour" around 7:30-9:00pm. He either needed to be walked around for this time or in the bath tub, or else screaming would happen. The rest of the day he was pretty happy unless he needed something or it was a particularly crabby day! 

Also around 3 months, Jack started saying "Goo!" a lot. It's adorable. The other thing he does that I love is reaaaaallly looks at you. He locks in his eyes and just follows you. He does this mostly to his brother, who he is already very interested in!

He has been playing around with imitating people, usually involving sticking out his tongue. We noticed he can roll his tongue, which I cannot do but Eric can!

Likes: being entertained, watching his brother, music

Dislikes: waiting in his car seat for his brother to actually be ready to leave the house, the witching hour, still not a tummy time fan

Feeding: He eats pretty regularly during the day but just a short snack each time (every 1.5 hours ish)

Sleeping: He sleeps through most nights, goes to bed around 10, wakes up around 7-7:30, takes 2 solid naps and then a few additional cat naps when he falls asleep eating or when you are walking him around... still no real luck putting him down "drowsy but awake"- absolutely HAS to be swaddled for sleeping unless he is in the carrier or sleeping on someone... I do NOT look forward to having to stop the swaddle at some point. Also, no one can really put him to sleep except for me, so we need to work on that. 

I'm really enjoying this stage with Jack! Can't wait to see what he's up to next :)


  1. I love the last photo of Jack staring intently at the giraffe!!! So funny and cute. I hope the witching hour gets better soon!

  2. Oh my gosh, he is so cute and bright eyed! I can see how having him intently stare are you is the best feeling. That's great that he sleeps through the night, though! I am sure those hours of mostly uninterrupted sleep are precious to you and help you function! I hope that others can start to put him down to bed so you have a bit more freedom to be gone around bedtime!