Sunday, February 8, 2015

Max's First Birthday!

Max turned 1. We had a party! It was not Pinterest worthy. Actually, truth be told, I had a 102 degree fever during the party (hello flu) and Max cried when we gave him cake. 

IMG 0988

We kept the party small: just Max, us, our immediate families. I decided on a Little Blue Truck theme because that is Max's favorite book, and because he is still young enough that I can pick the theme and yes I will choose a book theme, obviously. I used Etsy for the shirt and the invitations. 

Picisto 20150208203742 145039

(Ignore the giant yellow spot, that's just where I covered up the details ha ha). As you can tell, I'm fancy. 

 I used a local place for the cake. 

Winn 150117 8058Winn 150117 8060Winn 150117 8061

I'm sure next year I'll go for a cheaper (but still delicious and pretty awesome) Market Basket photo cake, but for year 1 I decided to go big on the cake front. 

Otherwise, we kept things pretty simple: 2 balloons, 1 decoration (month by month photos of Max) and Chipotle dinner. 

Winn 150117 8086

Max had a blast. He loved all the attention and walking from one family member to another. 

Winn 150117 8074IMG 0977

Despite the fact that he LOVES all things music, he was quite shocked by the whole singing Happy Birthday aspect. 

IMG 1123

And as I mentioned he did not like the cake. Though, 1 week later at his friend's birthday, cake was the best thing ever. 

A few weeks later, we celebrated his birthday again with his best bud Teddy and yet again, he wanted nothing to do with cake (this time ice cream cake). Apparently he is a man who would prefer to celebrate other's birthdays?

And just like that, now I don't have a baby any more, but a toddler. So they say anyway :)


  1. I love the theme of the party! That's perfect for him since he loves that book so much! Bummer that you were sick on his birthday! And hey, I totally understand the whole enjoying other people's birthdays more than your own - that's how I am feeling these days (although I did embrace my birthday celebrations this year and just tried not to think about the age I turned).

    I can't believe Max is one already, though!

  2. "Apparently he is a man who would prefer to celebrate other's birthdays?" Hahahaha oh Max!

    Love that you did Little Blue Truck for his theme! Hooray for him being one! I can't wait to see all the crazy fun things he's going to do this year!

  3. What a great idea for the theme! The cake looks just ah-mazing. My mouth may be watering. (I have a sweet tooth problem.) As an adult I still don't like it when people sing Happy Birthday to me; I get all shy and weirded out by it. And definitely don't like it when restaurants sing to me, nope, no thank you.

  4. Nothing wrong at all with a party that isn't Pinterest worthy! Especially since it's his first birthday and won't remember lots of it. That's just my two cents on birthday parties for really young kids. Love the cake! And I can't believe he's 1 already!

  5. I dunno.. after two glasses of wine, I thought it was Pinterest worthy :)

  6. Haha that cake picture is priceless! That's the kind of thing that you guys will look back on and laugh about down the road.. My mom has a similar photo of me at my 1st birthday because they thought it was smart to put sparklers on my cake -- who does that to a 1-year-old? Child abuse! haha. jk, obviously :)

    Glad you guys had such a good first birthday and I think it's great you kept it fairly low-key. That cake is amazing and looks delicious!

  7. I don't think we even had a theme for Isla's third birthday whoops ha. Ummm pizza? ;) We did do Elmo for her 2nd birthday because I saw veggie and fruit trays on pinterest that i knew that even i could handle! First birthday was owls because i found cute stuff on etsy. My best friend gets married this year over her bday weekend so I think we are just doing a yay this memorial day parade is your bday celebration ha.

  8. Love the theme - that was one of Gavin's favorite books, too! And I love that Max is a giver - loves having fun celebrating others; doesn't want the spotlight on himself. Keep doing what you're doing to raise that kid; he's a keeper!