Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Thoughts

Oh hi, it's Monday. I have the day off, yay! Every weekend should absolutely be 3 days. I need 1 day to rest (read: recover from the week), 1 day to do something fun and 1 day to be productive. Or some combination of those things. We had a good weekend so far including Teddy's 2nd Birthday Party (where I took no photos… what?!), Max's swimming lessons and a trip to the Zoo. 

IMG 1940

IMG 1949

Since I have the day off, I get to take Max to his music class today. Then we are going to head over to my grandmothers to see her and my cousin and her baby. Then later today Caroline is going to join us for a fun "spooky" hayride at a nearby farm. Clearly I need every Monday off. Have I convinced you yet? 

Here are some random things I am thinking about: 

1. Some day I will do Project 333. But for now, I simply moved all the clothes I am likely to wear in the next few months to one section of my closet so I won't be searching through everything. It was about 50 clothes and this doesn't include my two pairs of jeans and any black pants. I currently hate all of my black pants so I don't think I'm going to get much use out of all those shirts I have hanging. I wonder if I can make it through a whole winter of only wearing dresses and leggings to work? 


2. We have recently made some changes to our kitchen. Well, it's kind of like the extension of the kitchen where we used to have a kitchen table. Now it's Max's play area and it has a newly clean wall space. I'm considering some kind of Instagram decor. But it has to be EASY or I'll never do it. Maybe this: 


or this: 


3. I have read some fun books lately so I owe you guys a post with some recommendations. My original reading goal for this year was 20 books and I just adjusted it to 45. It's nice to know I have one hobby that has not completely disappeared with motherhood. Ha ha. 

4. Goals for this week: finish another book and part with 10 more items of clothing. 

What's going on with you this week? 


  1. Maybe I'll learn to blog again, someday. It seems hard sometimes; the last thing I want to do is look at a computer after a long day of work!

    Otherwise on my mind: hoping that our bathroom gets finished soon. Currently waiting on the shower door to be delivered & installed, and then verifying that they did everything correctly. Would love the project to be DONE.

    And that everyone should have Columbus Day off. We don't and so far it's lame and quiet here at the office.

  2. I have been purging clothes in my closet, too. I am going to drop off 2 bags of clothes at goodwill today - can't wait to get them out of the house. I probably need to get rid of more but I have to do it in batches so it's not too overwhelming. I have been really thinking about whether I am actually going to wear something or not. Part of my issue is that I can't really wear heels anymore and a lot of my dress pants are altered for heels... so I am not wearing them... but I keep hoping I can wear heels again someday, or at least more of a heel that I'm currently able to tolerate so I don't want to make the commitment of having all my pants altered just yet...

    I have today off, too, and am wishing every week was a 4-day week. Sounds like you have a fun day ahead of you! Especially the hay ride! Today is my productive day so I've got things like an oil change and goodwill drop, etc, scheduled but tonight I am going to Phil's so it will end on a fun note. Enjoy your day off!!!

  3. Love that pick in the pool! Nice photography skills!!

  4. Adorable pictures! We have family pictures, I have my PQA, some meetings and then I am going to Columbus for the OSU v Rutgers game with my dad.

  5. That's so funny, I just saw that first Instagram photo collage somewhere else - maybe Facebook? What are the odds I see it twice within a matter of hours (having never seen it before)?!? I like that idea of the photo collage! You could also look for a deal on canvas prints ... and take some of the AWESOME photos your sister has taken of your family to print on canvas. I always like that medium for special prints.

    Gavin's school was also closed yesterday, so I got to spend some special time with him ... visiting his old preschool classroom and going to the Children's Museum. Today was rough, getting back into the swing of things after spending a weekend seeing lots of old friends. The rest of our week is pretty chill ... though, I do have to figure out something to get Sweets for our 6th anniversary this weekend.

  6. I love that second instagram wall you posted! That would look so awesome. I did an instagram print with social print from our Ireland Trip and it turned out really awesome it was just a lot smaller than I was expecting it to be.

    I would really like 3 day weekends as well. I would even be willing to work 10 hour days for 4 days to get the 3 day weekends! Maybe one day...

  7. Oooh I like the idea with the many frames! That would be so cool! I did not have Monday off but got to telework for half the day and Ben was home which means I got to hang out with him for awhile which was delightful!

    Nothing crazy going on this week and I'll take it! I feel like I've been busy the past few weeks and I'm ready for a big fat nothing weekend!