Friday, February 1, 2013

Music, Miles, Books and Looks of January/Goals for February

I'm back to tell you about the things that made up my January. First off, I actually met ALL my goals for the month. Wahoo!


 Photo  17

Yes, I am not a movie watcher so me watching a new movie is actually something to write down. I'm most proud of going back to yoga, and actually blogging two times a week! 


Little Things by One Direction I know, I know… I am a teeny bopper. Lisa posted this song last month and I have loved it every since. No shame at all. 

Lego House by Ed Sheeran You may know another song by this artist called "The A Team." I heard this one on the radio on the way home the other day and immediately I was a big fan. 

Every Storm Runs Out of Rain by Gary Allan This is a newer country song that I really enjoy. I have to admit that part of the reason I think is because it reminds me of one of my all time favorite songs, November Rain, not musically but some of the lyrics. 

Runaway Train by Soul Asylum Speaking of totally old school, I heard this on the radio on Sunday morning and it just reminded me of middle school. I love when songs take you back. 



I am not keeping track of mileage at the moment, so I'll just tell you what my workouts have been like this month. I've been running about twice a week, swimming about twice a week and I've finally reintroduced yoga into my life. I've done it at home a couple of times and finally made it to the studio last Saturday. Wahoo. 





I made it through 4 books this month and they were all really good. I've tried to read Room like 4 times now, but I finally got into it this time. I liked Divergent better than Hunger Games, but I haven't read good things about the second book so I'm scared to read it. I've been meaning to read Queen of the Big Time and Those Who Save Us for a long time, and they were both book club picks this month that did not disappoint. I would recommend any of these 4 books if you are looking for something to read next. The two on the right are more "light" reading, and the two on the left are much heavier. All good though. 


I'm not the best at having new looks in the winter, so I don't have much here. But I am obsessed with this pink dress that Caroline got me for Christmas, so I wear it whenever possible! It's from the Juniors section at Nordstrom. 

IMG 8009


 Goals for February

1. Yoga. I want to attend 5 classes, and practice at home 5 times. This will be roughly two times per week, which I think is a good goal for me getting back into it. Who knows, maybe I'll even surpass the goal! 

2. Track my swimming, biking and running miles. It's not quite triathlon season yet, but I would like to get in the habit of recording my workouts again. Plus then I'll have something to put in the miles section of this post :) 

3. Get report cards done without being a stressed out crazy person. This is self explanatory, no? 

4. See at least 2 friends per week. Working out with friends counts. This should help with goal #3. 


What are your goals for the month of February? Do you track your workouts? 


  1. The pink dress looks fantastic on you and such a fun pop of color during the winter months! I am adding those who save us to my to be read list. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love that pink dress! It looks great on you!

    I am glad you like that One Direction song. We can be teenie boppers together. ;) This month I fell in love with the song 93 million miles by Jason Mraz. I also like the song Every Storm Runs out of Rain.

    I posted my recap today, too!

  3. Love every storm runs out of rain. I didn't think of it before but you're right it is very similar to november rain! I love that pink dress, obviously. And your yoga goal!

  4. Do you love your Erin Condren calendar as much as I love mine??? (Is it bad that's the first thing I saw in your photo, before I even read what was on the sticky notes?! ha) I love your very modest leap into yoga. One class in January. A couple times a week in February. You can do it (along with all your other goals)!! I have a few goals, though I think this photography project will pretty much rule my life this month (not just taking photos, but organizing everyone else's, too!).

  5. You had a great month!

    Speaking of report cards, I get to participate in conferences this year and I am excited to see how they go! (I'm such a nerd!)

  6. So I randomly decided to do 4 goals for January last month when you last posted and I checked the and I only did one. But I overachieved! I wanted to read 4 books and I read six! ;) I do know for February I want to read 4 books, get on the treadmill twice a week and umm that's it for right now. ;)

  7. Great job meeting ALL your goals. Clearly you were too busy enabling others to not meet theirs. KIDDING ;) ;)

    I love that you're getting back into yoga! Maybe you should get Caroline to teach you at home for some of your home practices :)

  8. I love Gary Allan! He has some really amazing songs. I've been tracking my workouts using MyFitnessPal!

  9. I thought Room was a slow read after the halfway point. How about you?

    Going to Insurgent next?

    That's a darling pink dress!

  10. Agree on the pink dress and meeting all of your goals. I've been trying to ramp up my yoga too, this post will definitely help inspire me to do so!

  11. I just started using for at-home workouts and I love it! They have a ton of free classes, you should check it out ;)