Sunday, January 6, 2013

Photo Collages

In December, one of my goals was to post a photo each day to my Facebook wall. I wanted to see if I ever had a shot at doing a 365 photo challenge that many in the blogging world have successfully completed. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to accomplish a month of photos, only skipping one day and making up for it on January 1st. I actually loved doing it and it's been a lot of fun to look back on my entire month in photos. I did try to give up once, but then the next day at work I had some friends tell me how much they enjoyed looking at my pictures and I figured that was my sign to keep going. 


So, will I ever do a 365 day photo challenge? Probably not. I had the advantage of Christmas (lots of things to take photos of) and a vacation in December and it was still hard some days. But, I do want to take more photos in 2013, particularly of more of the small events and little moments that make my life so wonderful. 


One of the surprising discoveries I made during my photo challenge was the wonderful world of photo collages. There were several days over the month that I had more than one picture I wanted to show off. I discovered a website called Picisto which allowed me to create several fun collages, and then while I was in Miami with only my iPad I discovered an app called Pic Collage, which did the same thing. Here are some fun collages I made over the month: 

December 2, 2012: Visiting Katie and Teddy, Dinner with the Family

Picisto 20121203065516 189830

December 9, 2012: Celebrating Hanukkah with Sarah and Brian as part of our Religious Exchange Program (aka enjoy each other's traditions)

Picisto 20121209204047 582046

December 13, 2012: Will Run for Wine with Eric

Picisto 20121213213144 679316

December 15, 2012: Celebrating Christmas with Sarah and Brian as part of our Religious Exchange Program, Part 2

Picisto 20121215171109 737440

December 24, 2012: Christmas Eve 

Picisto 20121225085918 695486

December 28, 2012: Miami Trip 

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When I was in high school, I loved making photo collages for friends by printing out a bunch of pictures, cutting them up and then arranging them. This is way easier, but equally fun to look at. I made it a goal for the month of January to make 1 photo collage a week. If I like it, maybe I'll do it all year. Who knows!? Here is Week 1: 

543978 10100406533670077 1200314715 n

I had a great week of watching fireworks (or attempting), having dinner with my friends, and visiting with my favorite dog. If only I didn't have to say goodbye to that beautiful Miami beach! 

Do you think you could ever do a 365 day photo challenge? Do you like taking pictures? 


  1. Obviously, I love taking pictures but I don't think I could ever do a 365 day photo challenge. Too much pressure. I feel like when I try to make goals out of things I love I just end up ruining the fun of it haha. I do love your collages though and I think once a week is an achievable goal. Check out Pic Stitch app on the iPhone too.

  2. Oh this is fun! I will have to check out those collage sites - it would be a better way for me to share photos on my blog of holidays and such, I think!

    I do not think I could do a 365 challenge, and am not sure I really want to... I like taking pictures but don't do it often enough!

  3. While I enjoyed my 365 challenge and I'm glad I did it it got really annoying towards the end and I got sick of trying to take a picture EVERY day. I think I only missed like 3 days in the whole year though!

    I like the idea of doing a picture collage a week! A little less stressful than remembering to take a picture daily. And I snap so many random photos on my iPhone throughout the week I think I could do it :)

  4. Hi! I just found your blog through a comment you left on Love Everyday Life. I am your newest follower and can't wait to begin reading!

  5. I'm attempting a similar goal of trying to post a photo a day to my facebook page - though I'm limiting it to photos of my home! And I'm already struggling, so I'm impressed you did so well. And I love the collages - good luck with the one a week!

  6. I love your collages :) They are super cute! Nice job! I never did a 365 challenge but I DID do the "7:16 Project"--- which was something I devised on New Year's Eve 2010. I decided I would try and take a picture every day from Jan 1- July 16 at 7:16pm every day. I chose the time because I was getting married on July 16th---so I thought it would be a fun project leading up to my wedding. The deal was I would take the photo with my Blackberry (which actually didn't have the greatest quality of camera) and I would take it at 7:16pm or as close to it as possible. It was actually really fun to do and I only missed a few days when my phone was broken and when we had a death in the family.
    I posted all these pics in an album on Facebook and many of my friends became addicted to the 7:16 project. The last picture was taken at 7:16pm on my wedding day with all of our wedding guests :) It was a really fun project and I enjoyed doing it for the 6 1/2 months that I participated---- but not sure I could stick with for another 6 1/2 :) Here is a link to my post on it:

  7. I love doing photo collages to which maybe you noticed on my vacation rehash post. I'll have to try your website out; I like the one I found but could always use more :) Also, where did you get the pink top that you wore on Christmas eve? Super cute!

  8. I totally made all my friends photo collages for high school graduation. I could never do a 365 challenge because I can never committ to stuff like that.