Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What is up?

First of all, if you grew up in the age of away messages and currently have twitter, please follow @YourAwayMessage it will bring you back to the hilarious away messages people used to leave, especially ones that tell everything the person is up to no matter how boring (shower, class, lunch, class…). I also literally laughed out loud when I saw the ones that end "leave me some love"- I totally used to write that at the end of most of my away messages. Very few things crack me up more than reliving hilarious teenage moments. And hilarious 5 year old stories. 


Lots of fun in Kelly land since I last blogged. I did my third sprint triathlon on Sunday! 1/4 mile swim, 10 mile bike, and a 5K. It was by far my favorite so far because I did the whole things with friends. I was super proud of my swim (as Lisa said, I was faster than 85% of people!)- We were middle of the pack on running, but I am so happy about my time because it's fast for me especially after a bike and swim! Our biking was slow, and I loved every minute of my slow biking. Haha. Well not every minute, every minute that was not uphill. I'm sad the tri is over because training was so fun but I do plan to swim and run still- we shall see about biking! 


School started last week. My class is… interesting? I'm trying not to say bad, yet. I always forget what babies they are at the beginning of K and usually spend the first two weeks plotting my eventual move to fourth grade (which I'm not even certified to teach, ha). Of course I always end up loving K by the end of the year, so the cycle continues. I can't wait until it's not too early in the year to take away a few minutes of recess and get rid of the use of the word potty, two mutually exclusive events- I don't take away recess for using the word potty, I just hate it. I swear my kids are going to be "potty trained" using the word bathroom. The word potty makes me shudder. 


That's it from me. What has been up with you? 


  1. I don't like the word potty either. I also don't like it when people say "I have to pee". It makes me shudder actually. I always say "I have to use the bathroom" or something like that! So I am on board with the breaking of the use of the word potty!

    I had to laugh when you posted last week about having a reputation for not allowing crying in kindergarten. It reminded me of the movie Major League where the coach says, "there is no crying in baseball" which then reminded me of the day when I found out I wouldn't be reporting to my awesome boss anymore and started to cry and my boss said, "there's no crying in bonds!". hahaha.

    Ok, now that I've made myself laugh, at 6:41 in the morning, I'll tell what's been up with me: absolutely nothing. Just a whole lot of coughing and moping around as i recover from the death virus, but I am happily on the upswing and feeling more like my (funny) self again. :)


    yes. that needed capitals.

  3. Haha I totally tweeted you after reading this on my phone because we trained Chloe to "go potty" so she now pee's on command basically when we say "go potty" but NOT "go pee". If your kids pee'd on command would that make it better?!?! haha.

    I have just been super busy at work! Hence the lack of blogging. But I still make time to comment on my favs. Obviously. haha

  4. I agree with feeling like I forget about all the stuff I have to do at the beginning of the year that fades by the end. I feel like we have been doing SO much with routines and expectations and I forget that some kids have an attention span of like 5 seconds. We have to do a district wide writing assessment even at the beginning of K so that we get our "pretest" scores. That was interesting...I tried modeling writing about my friend and they were SO bored. But, I HAVE to do it and HAVE to do it THIS week...jeesh! I can't wait for them to get their hands on their iPads, but we have to learn rules for those first too!

  5. oooooooooooh god do i have babies. babies babies babies. pencil holding boot camp starts monday! hahaha

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