Sunday, April 22, 2012

Was That My Life?

Oh, we just get one ride around the sun,

In this dream of time.

It goes so fast that one day we look back,

And we ask: was that my life? ~Jo Dee Messina

As you may imagine, living 3 miles from the home you grew up in can often cause some unexpected memory flashbacks. The majority of the time I'm so busy rushing to work, running errands, etc that I don't even notice where I am, or what it once meant to me. But I'll have moments where I am driving to the gym and I look at the CVS and I think, wow- remember when that was a bowling alley I used to always go to? Or when I am biking down the bike trail and I remember rollerblading down the same path with my middle school friends. A few months ago Eric wanted to go to my old high school to see some of his students play, so I went back to the gym for the first time in probably 10 years and I felt like...

Was that my life?

Seriously, I just don't feel like that was the same life as this. Of course I think it's *impossible* that ten years have really passed since I was loving every moment of the senior slump, but on the other hand I am also thinking, "where even IS the gym in this school?!"

Then, this weekend Eric and I joined one of his friends for a Third Eye Blind concert. One of Eric's old friends is currently playing in the band (for this tour) so we decided to go watch them. Plus, I love Third Eye Blind. It just so happened the concert in Boston was at BC, aka my old college. I've been back several times since I graduated to visit Caroline and attend football and hockey games. It turns out it's a little different when you are going to an event meant for all students. Yikes, I felt old (I do not say this often, I am aware I am young according to most people). I didn't forget where anything was though, so that was good!

After the concert, we took a walk around the nearby reservoir with Eric's friends. On the other side there was a gorgeous view of BC, particularly of one of the gothic buildings literally towering into the clouds. The picture doesn't do it justice, dang iphone.


Despite living there for 4 years, I was still amazed by the beauty. I had another thought of, was that my life?

Then I think about teaching the kindergartners tomorrow morning and I think, how is it possible I was ever that young? And yet... I was...


Do you have "was that my life" moments? When was your last one?


  1. Nick and I live about a mile from the house where I grew up....and I have these moments all the time In fact, just two days ago I was at work (at a store now called Giant Eagle) and I was telling a shopper how I used to come here when it was a place called Big Bear...boy how things have changed! Life goes fast, so why not enjoy every bit of it you can?!

  2. I love Third Eye Blind! They totally remind me of my college years as I listened to them SO MUCH back then.

    Yes, I have those moments, but mostly these days I find myself saying, 'is this my life?' Like when I get up at 5:45 on a Saturday to run or spend 6 hours of each weekend day studying, I think about how my current self would be unrecognizable to my younger self. I had discipline when I was younger but not THIS MUCH.

  3. Yes, this happens to me practically every day. Now I tend to also think, "is this my life?" in the present haha - not necessarily in the positive way unfortunately. But anyways, it's okay that you didn't remember where the gym was. I'm sure I had to think about that questions when I was IN high school. It's kind of in a random spot..

  4. I feel like this sometimes when I go back to my hometown and I have random memories. Now I see how people in my hometown are living and I go home and I think "thank god this isn't my life". Moving away from our hometown was definitely the best thing Eric and I could have done!! Ha