Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sedona Sunrise

If only life could be vacation...

About 2 1/2 years ago, Eric and I decided we really wanted to go away in February, and flights to Florida were too expensive, so we thought we'd give Arizona a try. I posted on my blog that we were going to visit Phoenix, and check out the Grand Canyon. Many great blog friends told me that we HAD to visit Sedona along the way, so we did it. Well, it ended up being our favorite place maybe ever and now this is our third February in a row spent in Sedona. This year we decided to bring Eric's family and it was our Christmas present to each other.

We've had two full days here already and they have been jam packed with stuff, so I will probably just write about one today. On our first full day in Arizona I got to see the sunrise (Boston time + Arizona not doing daylight savings)...


Later in the morning, we headed out to do a hike. The trail was one Eric and I had never tried called Little ________. It was a pretty easy hike but we were able to see a lot of the more famous sights including the Three Sisters, The Chapel built into the rocks and Bell Rock.




Later in the day the real adventure began, my second ever helicopter ride!


I used to be afraid of helicopters but now I think they are my new favorite way to see a place. Also, our pilot this time had my full trust- he used to fly helicopters in Afghanistan for 6 years, I'm sure he can handle some slightly crazy weather in Sedona and a few red rocks in his way :)


It was cool too because we were able to see areas that people can't or don't hike and therefore see some cool ruins...


And a cool view of Sedona High School on the way back to the airport...


The Sedona airport is located up on top of a mesa, so on the way down we even saw a rainbow!


For dinner, we headed to a restaurant recommended to us by the rental car shuttle driver in Phoenix and then again by one of my friends from work. It was called Cowboy Club and they have the famous cactus fries, which are actually really good! We ordered a bunch of appetizers and shared with the table which I think was the way to go since the appetizers were great, especially the chicken tortilla soup and the chips and salsa.

I'll be back whenever I can get another minute with our epic day trip up to the Grand Canyon!


  1. Love the pictures -- hopefully you got to use some of your new found techniques.

  2. Looks AMAZING and beautiful! Did I tell you that Eric and I are going to Arizona next February? It will be around this time too because it will be during Eric's reading break and he's on reading break RIGHT now. My grandparents spend their winters in Yuma so it will mostly be to visit them but we will be flying into Phoenix and maybe can visit Sedona for a few days as well since you rave about it so much (I have no idea where all this is situated - time to refer to Google Maps!)

    When the time gets closer I will have to email you for trip planning tips! And if you guys go again next year maybe it'll be at the same time!

  3. Beautiful : ) I've wanted to go here since you posted about it two years ago! haha

  4. I have been to AZ like 5-6 times, maybe more (I lost count) and I have yet to go to Sedona OR the Grand Canyon! I used to go every February, too, but that didn't work this year. :(

  5. Isn't it sad that helicopters always remind me of the Bachelor? Yeah, pathetic.
    Glad you are having a nice time in Arizona! I've been there three times but NEVER to hike or have adventures outdoors (so sad, right?). It's always been to visit friends in college or to go to sports games! I have to hike and take in the beauty the next time I go.