Sunday, January 9, 2011

Things I Want to Love...

...But Don't.

Hi everyone, sorry about the hiatus :) I've been working hard on my new teaching blog which is now up and running. Yay! It's a bit weird to start over in the teaching blog world where I have maybe like 2 friends (Katie and Emily haha). It's also kind of funny because in the healthy living blog world it's definitely "cool" to have a self hosted blog, but in the teaching blog world it seems like blogger is where it's at. So, I'm just not cool in either place, oh well! I actually wouldn't care at all except it's getting a bit complicated when I comment on blogs. Just wish everyone would allow Name/URL... and get rid of word verification while they are at it. Just me.

Anyway, today I thought I'd do a post on things I want to love, but simply do not love. Maybe someone will hear me on some of these...

1. Cooking. I want to love it, but let's face it, if someone offered me a personal chef tomorrow I'd take it. I basically only cook because I have to eat. I try really hard to get excited about new recipes etc, but really all I get excited about is really easy recipes that somehow taste amazing.

2. Hour and a Half Long Yoga Classes. WHY?! WHY MUST YOGA CLASSES BE SO LONG? How can anyone relax when they are giving over 2 hours of their day (by the time you get there and get back) to a yoga class?! I've tried to get on board with this because I understand my attitude is the reason why I need yoga in the first place, but seriously people, offer more hour-long classes, please?!

3. Ballet Flats. They are SOOOOO cute and they SHOULD be comfortable. Seriously, don't they just look comfortable? Maybe it's just my feet, but I kind of want to cry every time I wear them. But they are so cute.


4. Chaos. I'll be honestly, no one has ever really referred to me as "neat" (well except I did on my roommate survey haha, what can I say? I don't want to deal with other people's mess!). I am organized though and I do not like chaos. The only reason why I even want to like chaos is because life = chaos and I hate that I get stressed with my life is in chaos (which is basically all the time either at school or home). As of Friday our house was chaos for a few reasons: Christmas, a project we have going on in the living room and this crazy class I am taking... the papers are taking over my desk at home AND at school. Yesterday Eric and I went to Target, which is always the first place to begin an organization project. Less than an hour later all of our Christmas stuff was packed away and now it's up in the attic. Wahoo!


You know one thing I DO love? Containers. Ask Eric, he thinks I may have bought stock in containers before I started teaching :)

5. In Person Classes. That's right, I admit it, I am a teacher who hates school. I did not always hate school by the way, when social = some occasional learning with a big splash of social time, I was all for it. However, now I am NOT all for it. I think if I told my principal this she might actually be shocked. Between the ridiculous number of books I read per year on teaching and the speed with which I started and finished my masters, I don't SEEM like a person who hates school. The difference is, I LOVE learning new stuff. Honestly, if someone offered me every single teaching book in the world for free I'd probably have them all read and post it noted in the next year. I love visiting for new ideas, teaching blogs... I'm nicknamed the "internet queen" at work for a reason. But classes... AH. Sitting in one place while someone lectures at you for hours on end (after a long day at work!)? Not for me. In theory, hearing others ideas in the class SHOULD be good, but instead I just end up hearing that one person who loves to hear themselves talk... and I challenge you to find one class that does not have at least one of these people!

Oops, I can feel it coming... my plug for online classes!!! Seriously they are the best. I know they are often more work than regular classes, but at least I am doing work that might actually help me rather than just starring at a teacher for several hours. Plus, I like being on my schedule to do the work when it's good for me. A lot of people tell me they think they'd miss the in-person interaction and learning from their classmates. I'm telling you, you learn more from your classmates in an online class because most of the work is discussion. Also, you can read everyone else's work and discussion so more people get to talk than would in a classroom. Plus you can avoid that person who just loves to hear themselves talk but have nothing to offer. Wahoo. I'm telling you, don't knock it til you try it. It's the best.

So back to in-person classes. THE ABSURD AMOUNT OF PAPERS. I'm not kidding, this class is taking over my 2 desks. Well, it was until chaos-hating Kelly took over the situation...


That was only the papers that were at home, the school papers will get added tomorrow.


Yeah- a few trees had to die just for me to take this class. If you saw the amount of paper a teacher uses in a given day, you'd understand why I might be concerned about my classes adding to it.. Online is the way to go.

I'd still like to take a really good in-person class someday, but for now... I don't love them.

6. Snow. I see my kids get SO excited about snow every year and I feel like there was a time when I really liked snow. But now it's just something to shovel, interrupt my plans and make it take forever to actually get my kiddos outside to recess. I don't even like snow days, I'd rather have the time off when it's nice out in June.

That's my list for today :) Do you agree with any of these? Do you have your own things you want to love, but just can't?


  1. ballet flats always look so comfy and cute but are usually such a pain to break in that it's never worth it!
    and snow...ugh!

  2. omg i hate word verification too. it needs to end. like yesterday.

    and i feel you on ALL of these. i think we'd be great friends in real life :)

  3. I hate word verification because it usually takes me 3 times to get the comment to enter. Often I walk away and come back to my computer 8 hours later to see that my comment didn't go through at all!
    I find ballet flats comfy for small periods of time, but when I used to run conferences, the balls of my feet KILLED if I wore flats all day. Wedges were actually best.
    And I agree about the yoga. As much as I wish I could get into yoga and be zen for that long, I am always watching the clock and thinking of what I need to do next.

  4. You should see my collection of ballet flats---they are all I wear to school...and usually I find them very comfortable although when I wear them without socks in warm weather I tend to get banged up feet.

    I hear you about sitting in class--it can definitely be rough, especially when it takes up 10 hours of your week like mine do. Also, big disappointment is that both teachers that I have this term have expressed the importance of "professional behavior" meaning put your laptops away and stop checking your email...crap!

  5. I just took my first on line class this fall and loved it! Why i definitely like the social part of school being able to work from home in my pjs was awesome :) And no crazy amounts of paper get handed out either!!!!

  6. I used to feel the same way about 90 minute yoga classes BUT they've really grown on me and now 60 minutes feels TOO short! I know. Weird right!? ;)

    Some aspects of snow I love - snowboarding! BUT I HATE driving in the snow, so that makes me overall just hate it lol

  7. I agree about ballet flats. They freaking kill my feet if I wear them all day. But I still do it occasionally. I also love containers and organziing into cute folders, occasionally. Cuz most of thet ime I like to throw it all in a pile on my desk and deal with it later!

  8. like a lot of the others making comments I hate ballet flats....I actually went to the foot doctor and he said they are bad for my feet...see flats aren't always best!

    I love containers...I just traded in some credit card points for a gift card to The Container Store (plus they give a teacher discount) so I'm headed there one day this week!

    I also am disliking snow because it looks like we are going to get another snow day this week and I need these school days to get my kids read for the midterm!!

  9. I agree about cooking...sort of. I mean I would DEFINITELY take a personal chef if I had the chance, but I'd also love to work with him/her so they could teach me how to cook!

    I definitely agree with you about 1-hour long yoga classes. I can barely relax 25 minutes, so that's what I do!! Hey, I'll get up to 35 minutes one day...maybe.

    As for all those papers, I feel your pain. I'm not even in school but the papers I get for my job are TAKING OVER MY OFFICE! It's absurd.

  10. This was so funny, I loved it!!! I agree with so many of your points!! I am EXACTLY the same about yoga. I get so annoyed with long classes and keep looking at the clock--which is exactly the OPPOSITE mentality that you're supposed to have in yoga--but I just can't get behind it! Something to work on I guess! Get me out of there!!

  11. I prefer face-to-face classes v. online classes... I just think online are way more work and most of the classes I took in grad school were things like finance and that's hard to 'self teach' - which is what seems to end up happening in online classes! And I am just not as disciplined as I shoudl be, and online classes require discipline...

    The thing I want to love but don't like at all is Greek Yogurt. I have tried a couple of different kinds but they are just way too bitter for me!

  12. LOL Hilarious - I'm totally with you on the yoga classes!!!

    As far as my list - I want to love Barney Butter but can't. I know it's a blog fave but it tastes like someone dumped a ton of salt in it!

  13. My ballet flats are my most favorite shoes other than my Uggs!

    I cannot get into the super long yoga either!!!